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Woodside Ornate Vintage Cast Iron Umbrella/Walking Stick Stand

Woodside Ornate Vintage Cast Iron Umbrella/Walking Stick Stand

This umbrella stand is made by Woodside, who are experienced and reputable manufacturers of leisure products. The sturdy design of this stand will hold both walking sticks and umbrellas and it has a drip tray inside to stop the water from dripping through. The metal design has a lovely ornate pattern and makes it heavy enough to stand upright when it has umbrellas in it.

Beautiful design

The Woodside Ornate Vintage Cast Iron Umbrella / Walking Stick Stand has been crafted from metal, making it a solid and sturdy stand. The design is ornate and has a vintage, rustic appearance which suits any hallway and looks truly elegant outside the back door. It makes a beautiful stand which will complement any home while helping to keep umbrellas and walking sticks together and tucked neatly away.

Practical and strong

The umbrella stand needs little assembly and can be set up in a matter of minutes. It holds both umbrellas and walking sticks, so you know exactly where to find them and it means they are not cluttering up the rest of your home. There is a removable drip tray at the bottom so you can wipe it clean and it helps to keep your floor dry. You can also use the stand for wet umbrellas so you don’t have to leave them to drip on to the floor.

Features and Specs

Genuine WOODSIDE® branded product
Brown umbrella stand
Removable drip tray at the bottom
Holds umbrellas and walking sticks
Rustic look
Easy to set up
Dimensions: 30cm / 12″ x 14cm / 5.5″ x 50cm / 19.5″

Customer reviews and scores

It’s no surprise that the Woodside Ornate Vintage Cast Iron Umbrella/Walking Stick Stand represents excellent value for money. It is well made and strong, and while it is not that tall, it is still sturdy when filled with walking sticks or umbrellas. It makes an elegant and compact storage area so umbrellas are always to hand, and it looks good in any hallway or in any porch.


The wonderful detail on this umbrella stand will make a real statement in any home. It keeps umbrellas and walking sticks tidy and the added drip tray means they can be stored while still wet. The stand is solid and sturdy and will not topple over when full. A lovely looking item at a really good price. For a selection of Vintage Umbrella stands, browse Furniture Online UK!