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Modern Large Glass Wine Rack Cabinet

Modern Large Glass Wine Rack Cabinet

A wine rack for the dining room, living room or the kitchen doesn't just have to be practical but also unique in many ways. The wine rack and wine holder modern large glass design offers something fresh and wholly special for storing your rejuvenating excellent wine in a wonderful display that does the bottles justice

12 wine bottles fit seamlessly

One of the exclusiveness of this unusual wine rack is that it fits a dozen wine bottles flawlessly. The bottles will be visible on all the sides as a result of a glass wall that is transparent. It gives an impressive and creative impression of hanging your bottles on nothing. No matter what kind of interior you have the stand will fit every one of them, presenting your wine just like in a restaurant, bar or home. The production materials used are noble wood, safety glass 8mm tempered harnessed with top quality stainless steel.

Specs and features

  • Measures 90cm in height, 38cm in length and 38cm in width
  • Features tempered 8mm safety glass, noble wood and stainless steel
  • Fits efficiently any interior space presenting wine just like in a restaurant, bar or home
  • Gives an impression of wine bottles hanging in space
  • 12 wine bottles fit perfectly

Scores and ratings

The Modern Large Glass Wine Rack Cabinet effectively holds 12 wine bottles superbly and the glass impression blends with any decor whether in the dining room, kitchen or the living room. With a tempered safety glass, the wine rack has been rated and reviewed in Amazon where it holds a 5.0-star rating out of a possible five stars. A customer describes it as a good quality for its price, looks good, with a decent delivery time.


Considering its unique design and usefulness of this unusual wine rack is worth checking out.