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How to Choose Your Kitchen Units Not only can be the kitchen the heart of the house, the centre of heat from where the delicious smells of home emanate, but it can be an incredibly practical region. While most the rest of the home is used for rest and relaxation, the kitchen is about where… Read the full article

Kitchen Design & Kitchen Ideas Guide 2017 Choosing between kitchen styles can be a difficult task. In a world of over choice and abundance of new ideas, making your own personal statement requires work. The kitchen design should project balance and harmony, and describe the hidden dynamic of your family and personality. Designing a kitchen,… Read the full article

How to Clean White Painted Cabinets That Have Yellow Staining White coated cupboards give your kitchen a great look; even so they can change yellowish with time. Oil-based paints, identified as alkyd paints, sometimes undertake a yellowish cast, especially if your kitchen doesn’t get sun a lot. Certain kinds of varnish – elderly type that… Read the full article

Just How to Clean White Kitchen Cabinets The kitchen is the heart of your home, but it may also be a greasy, splattered nightmare after a long night and a gooey, sticky mess over time, this grease and food splatter can form a seemingly impenetrable force field that clings to your cabinets. Cleaning your  under… Read the full article

Between 4th and 7th September 2016, the Autumn Fair will open its doors at the NEC Birmingham UK. The show is usually celebrated as the number one season’s show for home and gift trade displays and has been a must attend for lots of global and UK based buyers.  The Autumn Fair was first held… Read the full article

The Autumn Long Point exhibition will be running from 12th of September to the 14th, 2016 starting from nine in the morning to six in the afternoon everyday in the Long Eaton area.  Known brands such as Parker Knoll and Duresta have exhibited their freshest collections over the years in the 17-year-old trade event that… Read the full article

Glee is an outdoor living and garden tradeshow of its own kind. It’s the best way of discovering top market products while sourcing unique products from various categories on show, perhaps to set yourself apart from your rivals and be inspired by the best. Glee is a great place to view hundreds of fresh products… Read the full article

For the last 150 years and counting, John Lewis has been operating across Great Britain as one of the most recognisable department stores in the upmarket segment. The John Lewis Partnership owns the company and has maintained the same slogan since 1925. The Partnership owns 46 stores around Wales, Scotland and England, as well as… Read the full article

Co-founded by current Chief Executive Officer Ning Li, Chairman Brent Hoberman, Chloe Macintosh and Chief Operations Julien Callède, Made.Com is a London based furniture designer and retailer. The company claims that by eliminating middlemen a customer is directly connected to a designer saving 70 percent off the cost of the furniture. Their belief is that… Read the full article

As a privately owned retailer, manufacturer and designer of completely assembled hardwood furniture, Oak Furniture Land is famous for its home and small offices, nurseries, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, beds, sofas and cabinetry furniture.  With over 68 stores around the United Kingdom, the furniture company is headquartered around Wiltshire’s Swindon. Online beginnings Most furniture… Read the full article