Tokyo Natural Solid Oak Computer Desk

Tokyo Natural Solid Oak Computer Desk Review A good looking solid oak desk with some spacious storage space is always a much better idea. With the Tokyo Natural Solid Oak Computer Desk you can transform your home and bring into it something unique and special that will augur well with the decor of the surroundings. ÿA quality desk is an inspiration to work even better. Premium grade type of oak Like many from the Tokyo Oak Furniture collection the design and construction is specially thought out and perfectly executed. The Tokyo Natural Solid Oak Computer Desk is made from the best premium grade and quality solid oak treated with furniture wax that is clear to improve the grain, while getting the most of the unique golden hues. Desk has superb storage space with five drawers sized liberally including a cupboard with a large space.

The design is an inspiration from the traditional furniture of the Orient featuring sleeve groove and bowed tops details. Every drawer has been expertly assembled and feature dovetail joints with brushed metals handles and linings of solid oak. As a result, the desk provides lots of space for storage for all manner of items from paperwork, documents to stationery. The deeper cupboard is best for storing your PC tower. Specs and features:

  • Provides ample storage
  • Cupboard with large space
  • Solid oak of a premium grade used
  • Clear furniture wax treated
  • Shallow sleek groove and bowed tops
  • Every drawer assembled and crafted through dovetail joints
  • Features Metal handles finely brushed
  • Solid oak linings
  • Deep cupboard
  • Measures 60cm in length, 140cm width and 78cm height

Conclusion Any furniture made of solid premium grade oak is always a joy to have around, particularly in your home office such as the Tokyo Natural Solid Oak Computer Desk. Definitely an Oriental inspired piece of furniture worth checking out. Furniture UK Online recommended buy!

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