The Best Office Chairs in the UK

As the center furniture of any office, and one you frequently use for hours on end, choosing the office chair bears careful consideration. Ergonomically built with features aplenty, different models compete for attention. What follows below, therefore, is a very detailed guide on choosing the best desk chair. Comparing five of popular models, this is a list of the best office chairs in the UK.

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BEST 2018

Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair

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Brand New Designed Racing Sport Swivel Office Chair in Black Red

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Brand New Design swivel Perforated PU Leather Brown Color Office Chair

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LANGRIA Mid-Back Faux Leather Computer Executive Office Chair

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Songmics Office Chair with High Back Large Seat and Tilt Function

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Very stylish and elegant, with a same-color stitching, and generously thick padding. You’ll have sufficient support, thanks to extra lower back padding, and anatomic design. Strong, sturdy and durable, this is an amazing model!

With sophisticated contemporary design and dense foam padding, this is a very attractive model. It provides much necessary air ventilation, extra comfort, and durability. By and large, it is the sharpest looking office chair in the UK.

Elegant and stylish, this is one of the most affordable premium chairs on the market. It has a decently thick padding, and quality perforated PU leather. Shorter than the rest of the selection, it is perfect for conference tables, as well as people who don’t want to fall asleep into their office chair.

Extra elegant and very stylish model, the Langria comes with premium quality frame, and generously thick padding. You get the feeling of sinking into the cushion, able to tell, right away, that this is a much better model than many others on the market. Great design allows for better ventilation than most.

With attractive design, thick padding and premium quality foam, this is perhaps the best model available on the UK market. A shaking back and forth feature is included, for added comfort, as is a smart air vent design, and reliable lift, tilt, and wheel mechanism. You’ll also get two spare wheels and anti-loose screws. The wheels are extra smooth, and safe for any floor.


Poor air ventilation, due to extra padding.

If you are a shorter person, the material can slide a bit.

Not the best choice if you are taller and enjoy relaxing in your chair.

None whatsoever!

None whatsoever!


Perhaps the best model you’ll find within this price range, and style category. Convenient, sturdy and durable, it is one of the most comfortable models as well.

A premium quality chair, with extra dense padding and sharp looking design, it is also one of the few models that have ventilation figured out. If you need a durable, stable and reliable chair, that looks modern and attractive, there is no better option.

Definitely the best option if you are shopping on a budget, without necessarily compromising on quality – this is very elegant and sophisticated model that is also durable and sturdy. It looks way more expensive than it actually is. Highly recommended!

One of the best investments for your back – highly convenient, reliable and sturdy, this is a model that commands attention. It features a high quality wheel base, lift and tilt mechanism, providing extra comfort. Highly recommended!

The best model on the market, bar none! This is a relatively affordable chair that has incomparable features and unmatched comfort. Stylish, elegant and super durable, this is the comfort fortress of ergonomic office chairs. If you can afford the investment, don’t hesitate for a second, and get one before they run out of stock!

Back support panel dimensions

75 cm x 53 cm

80 cm X 53 cm

60 cm x 44 cm

72.5 cm x 53 cm

78 cm x 55 cm

Travel length in cm

10 cm travel

10 cm travel

6 cm travel

8 cm travel

10 cm travel

Padding thickness

Generously thick



Super thick


Special features

Added padding for extra lower back support

Good air ventilation and unmistakable design

Perforated PU leather adds a stylish touch

Very comfortable and super durable

Back and forth shaking feature; air vent design; super smooth wheels


Reasonably affordable

Reasonably affordable

Very affordable

Pricier than most, but still relatively affordable

Relatively affordable

Recline Extra Padded Office Chair

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Brand New Designed Racing Sport Swivel Office Chair in Black Red

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Brand New Design swivel Perforated PU Leather Brown Color Office Chair

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LANGRIA Mid-Back Faux Leather Computer Executive Office Chair

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Songmics Office Chair with High Back Large Seat and Tilt Function

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What to look for when searching for the best ergonomic office chair?

If your salary depends on long hours behind the desk, investing in a comfortable office chair is of paramount importance. Many people disregard the need of strong back support, only to find a garden variety of issues creeping in month after month. An ergonomic office chair is perhaps the best preventive measure to dealing with back discomfort.

All chairs, however, are not created equal. There can be a lot of difference in the material, the cushion fabric, the density and thickness of the foam. Furthermore, several other mechanisms can be included, making the office chair much more convenient.

All of the models below feature a 5-leg wheel base, allowing for ease of maneuvering. The quality and material of the wheels, as well as how smooth they move and rotate, is a matter for comparison.

A 360 degrees rotation is perhaps the standard for every office chair. The same, however, cannot be said about shaking back and forth, which is a feature that only premium models include, thanks to their durable design and built.

When reviewing the best office chairs, we take a look at the foam padding, the leather fabric, as well as the special features like lumbar back support, anatomic built, and air ventilation. Few models have every aspect figured out.

Quality padding will give the sensation of sinking deep into the cushion, and your back should find adequate support that feels comfortable, while keeping you into place at the same time.

The ergonomic office chair will have the feature to tilt, and lock the back panel into place, as well as have its height adjusted. The average travel height of popular models is around 8 cm, which is just about enough to provide a number of different knee angles. Depending on your desk height, 8 cm is usually enough of a travel height. Supported by gas lifting mechanisms, some models might provide a smoother vertical glide.

Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair

Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair

Very comfortable and quite stylish, the executive recline extra padded office chair is what you get when convenience meets style. Designed to meet the highest standards of excellence, and covered with PU leather, this model is a durable, elegant and convenient solution to every office.

With an extra thick cushion, that is soft and comfortable, and sufficient padding across its entire useable surface, it provides a lot of comfort for the money. The arm rest is padded as well, and there is extra padding on the top for the neck area, as well as the base of the back support for the lower back.

The leather is stitched across multiple sections, so it provides extra durability when compared to other models we reviewed in the past. The black stitching makes this model look really stylish.

The hard plastic on the base and wheel frame is strong, sturdy, and noise-free. I’m an 80 plus Kg person and couldn’t hear a single squeak. Once you sit and relax your back, you get the feeling of sinking deep into the material, without a corresponding sound of the plastic section of the chair. That’s quality speaking for itself.

The wheel mechanism is of decent quality, making the executive recline extra padded office chair easy to maneuver along your desk. The recline function is smooth, and the seat can be adjusted to fit any angle preference. It can also be locked in the tilted position, so you don’t have to find your zone of comfort each and every time.

As far as measurements go, this is a really comfortable chair. The height of the seat support is 75 cm, with a width of 53 cm. The depth and width of the seat measure 50 x 50 cm, and the top height from the floor to the highest point can be adjusted from 112 cm all the way to 122 centimeters, giving this model a 10 cm travel.

From what I can tell, the model is very sturdy, nicely balanced and surprisingly strong. If you are looking for a durable office chair, this seems to be the one. Aesthetically speaking, it is quite attractive, with extra padding and matching color stitching. Two color options are available for the PU leather, so you can chose your model in either black or brown. If you so prefer, there is a massage function as well, but that’s a separate model for an additional 1/6th of the price. I’ve seen better massage functionality to say at least, so probably stick with the standard model.

The chair will come flat packed, but it is fairly easy to assemble. Delivery is free in mainland UK, and you will have to pay extra for addresses in Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Scottish Islands and Highlands.

All in all, this is a reasonably affordable office chair that looks stylish and elegant. It is also very sturdy, durable, as well as super comfortable. Offering everything you’ll need from a chair within this price category, I highly recommend it!

Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair

Racing Sport Swivel Office Chair

Racing Sport Swivel Office Chair

A model from Cherry Tree Furniture that is often imitated by competing brands, the brand new Designed racing sport swivel office chair in black red is a sight to behold. Aesthetically pleasing, with a recognizable curvature on the support panel, as well as sharply designed arm rest, this model is quite the refreshment for your office.

It features a 360 degree swivel, with smooth enough wheels to make maneuvering friction free and enjoyable. The height of the base seat is adjustable, with the help of a heavy duty gas lift mechanism, and strong castors that can hold weight up to 120 Kg.

For the sake of convenience and comfort, it offers a tilt function that is just as smooth as the lift mechanism. It can also be locked in place so it remembers your comfort position.

The model is BIFMA and SGS tested, and to my surprise, fire resistant. Should you smoke, or work with people who like to light a cigarette every now and then, there is no need for worry and headaches. The material is protected against heat, and won’t melt easily.

The entire useable surface is covered in high quality PU leather, and there is extra stitching in order to ensure integrity as well as durability. Extra thick, the padding feels quite comfortable. It covers the arm rest, and provides anatomical support. For those who suffer from lower back pain, it is important to note that no lower back support is included. Much depends on how you like to sit, but if you are the type of person who likes strong and tight fit low back support, this model won’t suffice.

What I appreciate about the brand new designed racing sport swivel office chair in black red is its bold look. Attractive yet elegant, it looks much more expensive than it actually is. Another thing you’ll learn to appreciate right away is the generous hole near the top of the back support. If you sweat easily, this is a true life saver. Reducing heat on the back, it is a much better option than a fully covered back support. Allowing your upper back area, near the neck, to breathe, it will decrease sweating for sure.

The measurements are as follows: the back support is 80 cm in height, and 53 cm in width. The depth and width of the seat measure 51 x 51 cm, and the height from floor to armrest is 68 to 78 cm (thanks to the adjustable height). The total height is 110, to 120 cm, and the height from the floor to the seat is 47 cm to 57 cm.

Four color combinations are available, but I prefer the black red and the black white combination.

To reiterate, this is one of the most popular models on the market, and it is easy to see why. With thick and comfortable padding, strong and durable frame, and smartly designed ergonomic shape, it is a model worth buying. Stylish beyond any competing model, with smooth and premium quality mechanisms in place, there is hardly a better option within this price range.

Racing Sport Swivel Office Chair

Swivel Perforated Brown Color Office Chair

Swivel Perforated Brown Color Office Chair

Very elegant and expensive looking, this is in fact the most affordable model from the pack. It is one of the few office chairs that cover, with leather, the back of the support panel as well, giving the model a very stylish appearance. With that in mind, it is suitable for conference tables as well as single office chairs hidden behind a desk.

Similar to the model above, the brand new design swivel perforated PU leather brown color office chair features a 360 degrees swivel, as well as smooth tilt and upright lock function.

The entire usable surface, as well as the back of the support panel, is upholstered with perforated PU leather, and it offers a thick, soft and comfortable padding.

The height is adjustable, with a travel length of 6 cm, and it is powered by heavy duty gas lift with strong casters that can hold up to 120 Kg.

The chair is anatomically built, and it is quite comfortable even after several hours of sitting inside. I used it for three days in my back office, and can really vouch for it. It is soft, although not as deep as some of the other models, and very comfortable against the body thanks to its ergonomic design. The arm rest is upholstered as well, and there is extra padding on some of the impact areas (where your body usually touches the chair, provided that you are a person of average height, or perhaps slightly shorter).

The color combination, though the only one on the menu selection, does look elegant and attractive. Smart design took care of making this model look far bigger than it actually is, and in all fairness it does look expensive compared to other office chairs of similar price and even those that are a bit more expensive.

Being the most affordable model from our selection, it is still quite strong, sturdy and durable. Selling on the market for many years, the feedback is very positive. If you are looking for a chair on a budget, this is the one that I usually recommend.

The stitching is strong and it does look elegant, and you will be surprised by the sturdiness of the base and wheel mechanism. Although not especially smooth, it is nonetheless very reliable.

To give you the measurements, you have a back panel that is 60 cm high and 44 cm wide. As I’ve mentioned above, noticeably smaller than other models on this list. The seat measures 50 x 50 cm in depth and width, and the height from the seat to the floor is 46 cm to 52 cm, with a 6 cm travel length of the adjustable height mechanism. The top of the back support, measured from the floor, is 106 to 110 cm.

The package will be delivered flat packed, but it is fairly easy to assemble, and I suppose that you can do it alone even without prior experience of assembling furniture.

All in all, this is a very stylish model, which is sturdy, strong and quite durable. It looks bigger than it actually is, and certainly much more expensive than it actually is. As the most affordable model from the pack, it still doesn’t lack a single feature when compared to any other model from the selection. If you are shopping on a budget, I highly recommend it!

Swivel Perforated Brown Color Office Chair

Langria Executive Office Chair

Langria Executive Office Chair

Moving up the ranks, we have the Langria mid-back faux leather computer executive office chair. It is a very attractive model with recognizable style and elegance. Ergonomically built, it is one of the most comfortable chairs you’ll find on the market.

Covered with thick padding across the usable surface, the model provides unparalleled comfort. The faux leather is of premium quality, super soft, and with rich padding underneath. The stitching is a true testament to this model’s quality, and it is there to ensure integrity and durability, while retaining comfort.

Sitting in this chair, you get the feeling of gradually sinking down, since the material and padding feel so soft and comfortable. Even the armrest is sufficiently padded, and much more so than competing models.

The anatomic design ensures back support and stability, with extra padding on specific spots in order to provide better body support.

The base can rotate 360 degrees, while it can also be adjusted in height. This model features a pneumatic gas lift system that is extra smooth and glides without friction.

The four smooth casters take maneuverability to another level, so if you are the type of person who likes to move around the desk and office, this model will make such a thing effortless. The base is made of metal with a plastic cover, which makes it far more durable than most competing models.

In addition, the back support can tilt, changing its angle from 90 degrees to 105 degrees. It you have to endure long sessions seated in your office, there is hardly a better model to consider. It is very comfortable, strong and durable, with a weight capacity of up to 120 Kg. The chair itself weights 14.2 Kg, which is light as a feather when you consider the smooth wheel mechanism.

The travel of the lift mechanism is 8 cm, and the measurements are 67.5 cm in width, 72.5 cm in height (the support panel), and 104.5 cm to 112.5 cm at its highest point of the back panel as measured from the floor.

Do note, however, that some customers complained about the stitching on the back panel, saying it is uneven and asymmetrical. If you notice such a flaw, immediately call customer support and ask for a replacement. That is likely a production flaw and not representative of this model at all. Most of the customers, whether we are talking about people buying from our store or anywhere else around the net, are extremely satisfied.

The model is very popular, though unlike some others – I believe, however, that this is mainly because of the price difference, and people always go for the cheaper model.

To wrap up this review, I can say that this is one of the most comfortable models you’ll find on the market. It is also sturdy and durable, and very smooth in regards to maneuvering, tilting and height adjustment. Unparalleled in elegance and style, it is the model I’d like to have. And I likely will once it is time to replace the furniture in my home office.

Langria Executive Office Chair

Songmics Office Chair with High Back

Songmics Office Chair with High Back

The most luxurious model from the pack, the Songmics office chair with high back large seat and tilt function is another favorite of mine. It looks very elegant, commanding attention right away.

With generous lumbar back support, and generously wide back panel, it is perhaps the most comfortable office chair you’ll ever find within this price range, and even when you start to search beyond this price category. The stitching is very strong, reinforcing the fabric integrity as well as its durability.

Five legs are placed on the bottom, each having a super smooth double wheel underneath. Maneuvering is easy and frictionless, and to my surprise noise-free. The plastic material of the frame and base, which is polyurethane, is reinforced with metal parts that provide unmatched durability for years to come.

The weight, as you’ll notice, makes this model slightly heavier than others, which adds to more stability and a sense of undisturbed comfort. You’ll have the feeling of sinking deep into the padding, especially when you consider the tilting and the feature to shake back and forth, which I find very soothing and relaxing. Including high density foam, it is unmatched in terms of support.

This model offers 360 degrees rotation, a tilt function of the back panel, which can also be locked in place, and a height adjustable base with 10 cm travel length.

The wheels are made of high quality PU material, which is much more forgiving to any floor. Wooden, PVC, ceramic or covered with a rug, it won’t suffer as much as with any other wheel mechanism from similar models.

The fabric looks rich and luxurious, making this chair, by far the most comfortable model I’ve ever reviewed. It is fire resistance, so don’t worry if you happen to touch the material with a cigarette – it won’t melt easily, nor stain for that matter.

The fittings are BIFMA tested, which makes this office chair very stable and safe, and the fact that it can hold up to 150 kg easily outranks other competing models. The wheel-leg base has a diameter of 70 cm, with a level of stability tested by the SGS, and arguably impossible to match.

You will also receive a number of spare parts – anti-loose screws and wheels, provided as backup. Using the additional screws, you’ll be able to prevent loosing after months of use, helping the chair remain strong and sturdy for years on end. Even without this intervention, you can rest assured that this is by far the most durable model we’ve ever reviewed in our store.

Aesthetically speaking, the design is second to none, looking very luxurious and expensive. It has style and elegance, unmatched by any other model on the market. The extra padding across the surface provides not only comfort, but impressive and stunning appearance as well. The stitching and sectional lumbar support, reinforce the generous luxury appearance even more.

Designed according to the natural shape of the body, the Songmics office chair will provide unmatched support and comfort. If you spend long hours behind a desk, this is the ultimate model. Pricier than most, but still reasonably affordable, there is no better treat for your office environment. Highly recommended!

Songmics Office Chair with High Back

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