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Tetbury Wide Storage Chest of Drawers with Wicker Baskets

Tetbury Wide Storage Chest of Drawers with Wicker Baskets

A superbly crafted solid built Tetbury Wide Storage Chest of drawers great as a storage solution for many items in the bedroom. It can also be put across the hallway, kitchen, nursery, office, bathroom or the lounge to help de-clutter any of these areas. The chest of drawers comes highly recommended as well.

Solid wood

One of the reasons you will just love this chest of drawers is its solid wood built on its main frame. It has mdf panels not only on the top but also the back and sides. Wicker drawers or baskets in three unique sizes make the storage unit the versatile piece to add in various rooms. The external dimensions of the basket include 17cm by 18cm by 32cm for the small baskets, 32cm by 20cm by 32cm for the medium baskets and 48cm by 22cm by 32cm for the large baskets. Of course its delivered in your home completely assembled.

Specs and features

  • Solid wood chest measures 105cm by 80 cm by 40cm
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Organic wicker baskets and a white frame
  • The frame is made of solid wood with the back and sides panelled
  • Delivered across the UK but with few exceptions

Customer ratings and reviews

The Tetbury Wide Storage Chest of drawers has lots of storage, looks good for any room and delivered assembled. It has 29 reviews in Amazon and 4.9 star rating out of a possible five stars. The only reviewer to give it four stars indicates it was because she thought it was very large but still thinks its sturdy, big and great furniture and recommends it highly. Other buyers consider it the perfect storage solution and attractive, fantastic and amazingly useful chest.


The Tetbury Wide Storage Chest of drawers is a great storage choice and worth adding into any room. It comes highly recommended and we encourage you to go for it today.