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TaoTronics LED Black Touch Sensitive Slider Desk Lamp

TaoTronics LED Black Touch Sensitive Slider Desk Lamp

The TaoTronics LED Black Touch Sensitive Slider Desk Lamp is an elegant lamp with touch controls. It has a goose neck so it can be angled in almost any direction and uses LED lights which are more energy efficient. It has seven levels of brightness so it is perfect for any occasion.

Easy to control

The brightness level is controlled by a simple touch pad on the base of the lamp. Simply slide your finger along and the lamp will get brighter or dimmer. Once you have it where you want it, just remove your finger. It has a built in memory so when you turn it off it will remember the setting for when you turn it back on. The goose neck is flexible giving you the option to angle the light almost anywhere you need it to be, and it will stay firmly in the right place.

Reduce eye strain

The TaoTronics LED Black Touch Sensitive Slider Desk Lamp has been designed to help reduce eye strain and fatigue. The light is clear and you will have little glare or ghosting on computer screens. Being able to adjust the brightness can also help reduce eye strain. The lamp uses LED bulbs which are energy efficient so it costs less to run.

Features and Specs

Touch controlled desk lamp
Flexible gooseneck angles up to 360 degrees
7 level touch dimmer
LED desk lamp
Energy efficient
Coated to protect against spills, scratches and fingerprints
Power: 9W

Customer reviews and scores

Reviews for this lamp confirm that you will not be disappointed. It is a high quality lamp which is very stylish to look at. The white bulb creates a daylight effect which is more pleasing to the eye and creates less strain. The flexible neck stays put once it has been positioned and the touch controls are very easy to access and operate. It is being used at home and in the office and customers have been very happy with it.


The modern design of this lamp is sleek and suits any form of decor. Whether used at home or at work it gives out a clear light which is easily controlled by a simple touch panel on the base. The angle of the lamp can be moved using the flexible neck and once in place it stays where it is. This versatile lamp is an excellent price and very stylish.

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