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Soundstyle Z2 Stand Black

Soundstyle Z2 Stand Black

These award-winning speaker stands will help you get the best volume and sound. With three columns the Soundstyle Z2 Stand Black are rigid and stable and the slim design means they fit neatly in any room. They have column damping to reduce resonance and adjustable spikes to keep the speakers flat.

Column damping

The stands raise your speakers off the floor so that the sound is not dampened by the floor or furniture. The height is approximately 58cm off the floor allowing the sound to carry right around the room. To help with optimum sound, the stands feature column damping. This means there is no need to fill the stands and ringing and resonance sounds are greatly reduced.


The Soundstyle Z2 Stand Black comes with adjustable spikes at the top and bottom. These not only help to grip the carpet so the stands are stable, but it helps to keep the speakers level to help keep the sound at its best. The top spikes hold the speaker in place and raise them slightly from the stand to reduce bass booming. The stands are not suitable for all speakers but are matched perfectly for Q Acoustic 1010i and 1020i speakers.

Features and Specs

Three columns for stability
Built-in damping
Top spikes to help reduce booming noises
Adjustable spikes to help keep speakers level
Adjustable for Q Acoustic 1010i and 1020i speakers
Speaker height approx 58cm
Easy to assemble

Customer reviews and scores

The speaker stands may not be suitable for all speaker as the top spikes are fixed in place, but they do suit most speakers. The stands really improve sound quality and reduce resonance and help you relax and enjoy your music. They are solid and sturdy and the height provides freedom when placing your speakers. Customers have confirmed that these are excellent stands for the price and they are happy to recommend them.


While these are not the cheapest speaker stands, they are solid, rigid and really help to create the best sound. The design reduces resonance and booming noises and their height means they can be placed anywhere in the room as they are above the height of most furniture. They have column damping included so there is no need to fill them and they keep speakers safe and sturdy. The spikes at the top and bottom help keep the speakers level and also help to keep the stands safely in place.