Songmics Retro Metallic Garden Rocking Chair

Songmics Retro Metallic Garden Rocking Chair

This lovely rocking chair is made from iron, so it is strong, sturdy and great for use outdoors. Handcrafted, it is rust-resistant if left outside and it can fold down when not in use. The lovely pattern means it will look good anywhere in the house too.

Hand crafted

The Songmics Retro Metallic Garden Rocking Chair is hand crafted. It is made using an advanced welding process with unique dual layer plastic coating technology, which results in a chair which is not only stylish, but is rust resistant and built to last. It also has no sharp edges so it won’t snag clothes when you use it. It is easy to assemble with just a few pieces to put together and will look good just about anywhere.

Comfortable and stylish

The rocking chair has a lovely flower design and although designed for the garden, it will look equally at home in a conservatory, lounge or kitchen. It has a curved design so it is supportive and comfortable to sit in and when not in use it can be folded down to save space. It can also be moved easily so it can be used in the garden on sunny days, or inside when the weather’s not so good.

Features and Specs

Hand crafted from iron
Designed for comfort
Rust resistant
Easy to assemble
Can be unfolded/collapsed
Curved back for support

Customer reviews and scores

The Songmics Retro Metallic Garden Rocking Chair is a lovely chair and Amazon reviews describe it as being lightweight to move and also easy to assemble. It makes a nice chair to put in the garden, but customers also say it can be used in other rooms around the house. The iron design is popular as it is ornate and stylish and some customers have been so happy they’ve even ordered a second chair. When it comes to value for money, this is a good chair at an excellent price.


For a versatile and stylish rocking chair, this chair is ideal. Being hand crafted means each chair will be made to a high specification, and it is designed to be rust-proof. Perfect for the garden, it will look just as good inside the house. The shape is supportive and comfortable and it makes a lovely rocking chair for the price. When not in use it can be folded flat so it won’t take up much space.

4.7 (93.33%) 12 votes

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