Oakland Chunky Solid Oak Nest Of Tables

Oakland Chunky Solid Oak Nest of Tables

Having a hard time deciding upon a coffee table for our living room, we agreed to try with a nest of tables, and see how it looks. Convinced right after the first day, I can say with absolute certainty that we’ll be never again experiment with traditional coffee tables for our living room setup.

I love how easy it is to continually change the setup once you decide that you prefer a different position, and how practical it can become when you have people over for a visit. We don’t have kids, but I imagine this being very pragmatic for people with larger families.

Excellent quality for the price

If you prefer oak furniture, you’ll be surprised to read that this comes with real oak and quality oak veneers. It is handmade, with lacquer coat applied by hand too, to protect the surface. Usually, when we are talking about nest of tables, you’ll notice that there is a lot of wear and tear just by protracting and retracting them daily. The smooth coat will provide adequate surface protection, which also makes it easier for you to clean and maintain the surface just by using a wet piece of cloth.


You can really use this Oakland chunky solid oak nest of tables in a number of ways. The smallest one is excellent for holding books or flower vases, and the other two can be used as coffee tables, or even to support a lamp, or a stack of books near the sofa.

Features and specs:

  • Solid oak and quality oak veneers
  • Convenient and pragmatic
  • Smooth surface that is easy to clean
  • Protective coat applied for extra durability
  • Chunky and sturdy for its size
  • Dimensions: large- W54cm x H50cm x D42cm, medium- W39cm x H42cm x D39cm, smallest- W31cm x H34cm x D25cm

Customer reviews and scores

People love the fast delivery, the overall quality and how affordable they are, when you consider the value.

You won’t find many customer reviews online, although those that were already written say only positive things.

There is not much else to say, except that this is a very quality piece of furniture, which is super convenient for everyday use.


If you are on the fence of buying this Oakland chunky solid oak nest of tables, let me give you a reassuring tap on the shoulder. It is a very well made piece of furniture, which seems durable and likely to last decades.

It is smooth on the surface, and easy to clean, and the price is more than affordable.

Author: Freya M.

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