Solid Oak Oakland Chunky Coffee Table With Shelf

Solid Oak Oakland Chunky Coffee Table with Shelf

After two months of having this coffee table, I decided to write this review to share how satisfied I am for ordering. Was looking for a simple and minimal design, and you can hardly find one that uses real quality oak and comes below 200 pounds. The Solid oak Oakland Chunky coffee table with shelf is well balanced, heavy, and sturdy and seems extra durable. It is easy to wipe, and that’s a huge plus if you ask someone like me, who has to clean up after two teenagers day after day.

Traditional design for extra convenience

I dislike small and fancy coffee tables for one apparent reason- they are not meant to be used in a house with kids and people who spend a lot of time in their home during the day. This one on the other hand, offers a lot of space with its large top and bottom panels/shelves.

It is heavy and sturdy, which makes it extra durable and perfect for larger families. Lacquered, the wood is protected from bruises and moist, and this translates into an extended lifetime for the table.

This is also the reason why it is so smooth and easy to maintain. Just use a wet cloth and you have a new table in front of you. It’s so smooth that you can wipe some of the food leftovers and crumbs with your palm only. The lacquer finish also preserves the natural tone of the wood without giving it that cheap glare.

The legs are super thick and look very robust, which is why the table looks way heavier than it actually is.

Features and specs:

  • Premium quality oak and oak veneer
  • Traditional design
  • Looks warm and robust
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Fine lacquer finish for extra protection
  • Dimensions: length- 95, width- 45, height- 41, shelf height- 21

Customer reviews and scores

Customers note how the Oakland Chunky coffee table is better than similar IKEA items, and love the durability and sturdiness of the product. What I also agree with is the fact that polished and rounded edges make quite the difference, especially when it comes to a living room coffee table.


The Solid oak Oakland Chunky coffee table with shelf is really a quality piece of furniture that is likely to last you a lifetime. It is affordable, easy to clean, and looks warm and nice when compared with other wooden furniture. I’m recommending it to anyone looking for an oak quality coffee table.

Author: Samantha W.

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