Silentnight Stratus Premier 2600 Pocket Natural King Size Mattress

Silentnight Stratus Premier 2600 Pocket Natural Mattress

If you are thinking about the ultimate support in bed this Silentnight Stratus Premier 2600 Pocket Natural Mattress is it. Its firm medium feel is one of the reasons it comes well recommended.

Great support

Of course pressure has a way of building up in some of the painful hotspots, which brings about pains, aches or needles and pins across the body. The Silentnight Stratus Premier 2600 Pocket Natural Mattress has a unique spring system ensuring your nights sleep remains very comfortable.

Special spring system

Due to its zoned spring Mirapocket system, the mattress is very comfortable. The Mirapocket technology ensures the mattress has individual springs superbly clutched under tension within fabric pockets of their own. Every spring works well by responding to the body, ensuring the weight has been spread evenly about the bed for zoned support.

Specifications and features

  • Cashmere and natural silk woollen comfort fillings
  • Mirapocket 2600 zoned spring system
  • Tufted mattress traditionally by hand for total back support
  • Medium firmness on both sleeping sides
  • The border has vents that allow the mattress to releases damp air and for breathing

Scores and ratings from real customers

The zoned 26000 Mirapocket spring system and cashmere wool and natural silk comfort fillings make the Silentnight Stratus Premier 2600 Pocket Natural Mattress one product you need in your bedroom. Out of 34 reviews the mattress has 4.5 star rating out of five stars. Even so, one customer thought the mattress is very comfortable, heavy and thick but the delivery time was too lengthy. Overall the general agreement from real customers is that its a fabulous, firm, very comfortable mattress and improves an aching back for those who sit all day.


Silent Night King Size Mattress is a top quality mattress that is well recommended from verified purchasers. We believe its worth checking out particularly for those with mattresses giving their backs a rough time.

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