Silentnight 1850 Geltex Indulgence King Size Beige Mattress

Silentnight 1850 Geltex Indulgence Mattress

The Silentnight 1850 Geltex Indulgence Mattress offers the user unique breathability ensuring the body doesn't overheat. Through its innovative elasticity, rapid spring back takes place to provide great spinal alignment in affinity support. Its well recommended among verified purchasers.

Optimal body support

One of the things that make the Silentnight 1850 Geltex Indulgence Mattress a top choice is its unique breathability properties. This ensures the body doesn't overheat while offering great pressure relief to stop pressure points from building. An optimal support for the body ensures the spinal alignment is perfectly done and support all night is accomplished. The innovative elasticity it comes with provides a rapid spring back for the best support possible. With the mattress responding to a persons own body contours, spinal support and alignment are provided throughout the night.

Specs and features

  • Geltex six centimetre comfort layer
  • Mirapocket 1850 zoned spring system
  • Mattress traditionally hand tufted
  • Extra comfort assured via soft knit cover
  • Dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic mattress for healthier relaxation

Scores and verified customer ratings

The Silentnight 1850 Geltex Indulgence Mattress ensures you have a great nights sleep through its unique properties. It has 75 reviews in Amazon and an average of 4.7 star rating out of a possible five. Nonetheless, one customer, a disabled who had received the Silentnight 1850 Geltex Indulgence Mattress pointed out it can be really heavy at 49kg. On average the general agreement from verified buyers is that its a wonderful mattress, excellent! Five stars! Comfy excellent product.


Silentnight 1850 Geltex Indulgence Mattress offers unparalleled breathability through its unique cell structure opening. This ensures air has passed with ease via the mattress while preventing the body from summer overheating and warming up during colder months. Its well recommended and we believe it is a mattress worth purchasing today.

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