Salisbury Petite Oak Coffee Table

Salisbury Petite Oak Coffee Table

Very sturdy and robust coffee table, made out of quality oak. It is slightly bigger than I anticipated, but then again I was looking for a much smaller item and couldn’t picture the actual size out of looking at measurements. Drawers are huge, and can take a lot of items inside, and the whole table looks just beautiful with its sophisticated wooden design.

Quality piece of furniture

The Salisbury petite Oak coffee table is a great choice for larger living rooms, or families that spend a lot of time in the living room. It can store quite a bit of things inside those shelves, and weights a ton when compared to other more cheap looking competitors. The oak is top quality, and constructed with much more care than you’d expect out of the price.

Looks sophisticated

The color gradient of the wood is perfectly preserved thanks to fine lacquer waxing which is applied on top. It will keep the Salisbury petite oak coffee table intact for years. The drawers have these nice looking handles that give the table a sophisticated and rich look. It can easily be compared with other coffee tables for which you’d probably pay double the price.

Features and specs:

  • Delivered almost fully assembled
  • Quality Oak wood
  • Fine lacquer finish applied on top
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lots of storage space
  • Dimensions: 90cm x 47cm x 55cm (W x H x D)

Customer reviews and scores

Customers are very satisfied with the quality of this coffee table, and say that it can really store a lot of things if you ever decide to pack it full. The shelf below the drawers makes it super convenient for the living room, as you can leave plates and food without having to travel back and forth between the kitchen and sofa.


The Salisbury petite Oak coffee table is a perfect choice for those who want to buy a premium looking coffee table, while still staying within their budget. It is sturdy and very heave when compared to other similar tables, and thanks to the protective coating applied on the surface, super smooth but durable as well. The design looks marvelous, and I’m very happy for buying this last month.

All in all, would recommend this to anyone. Such a great deal for the price.

Author: Shannon N.

4.6 (91.43%) 7 votes