Rustic Saxon Oak 2+3 Chest of Drawers

Rustic Saxon Oak 2+3 Chest of Drawers

This Saxon oak drawer set is a perfect addition to my rustic designed bedroom, and I love how warm and natural it looks. It is a premium quality product, featuring quality Saxon oak, with a honey tone that is much more expensive looking than white oak gradients. It can store a lot of items and ton of weight, without fear of drawers breaking or anything. This is a really quality piece of furniture that nicely complements any bedroom.

Stunning rustic look

The hanging handles on this Saxon oak drawer set are really exceptional, and they come in iron adding to the perceived value of the product. But the handles alone are not the only design features that complement the rustic style. The oak timbers feature a fine honey gradient that adds warmth and makes this Saxon set look very sophisticated.

Quality craftsmanship

Although there are veneers used in the production of this item, the quality of the oak is exceptional, and you can still notice fine lines inside the texture of the wood, which is really a feature of much more expensive lines of furniture.

Handmade from skilled craftsmen, this Rustic Saxon Oak 2+3 Chest of Drawers will last you a lifetime. To ensure durability, it features a fine lacquer coating that protects from the usual wear and tear, but doesn’t add the cheap looking glow you’d find on most other oak furniture items within this price category.

Features and specs:

  • Quality Oak used
  • Honey gradient for a more sophisticated look
  • Rustic looking iron handles
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Fine coating with clear lacquer finish
  • Extra sturdy and extra durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Dimensions: Length- 90, Width- 40, Height- 93
  • 3 larger drawers and 2 smaller drawers

Customer reviews and scores

Not a lot of reviews on the net, but those you can find will confirm that this rustic Saxon oak drawer set is really exceptional, and quite affordable considering what you get. Fast delivery, fully assembled, and easy to clean and maintain…

You’d also love the rustic design and honey color gradient of the wood, along with the lacquer finish that preserves the natural and original tone.


This is really one fine looking drawer set that will last you a lifetime. It is made by skilled craftsmen, is quite sturdy and heavy and features a ton of storage space. The price is affordable, and you won’t find a better item within this range.

Author: Joana H.

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