Round Rattan Umbrella Stand / Basket

Round Rattan Umbrella Stand / Basket

The Round Rattan Umbrella Stand is one of those umbrella stands not just superb to have around but give you a natural look that makes a visitor to look at it twice. Of course it's important to have an umbrella around the hallway that actually works. It should meet the needs while at the same time actually bringing out the best in the home. The Rattan umbrella stand is one worth checking out.

Hand woven with a natural look

Having a great looking umbrella stand in the home that has a unique natural look is one of the most important things all year, whether it's rainy, sunny or wet. It gives guests who might arrive dripping wet a chance to have their umbrellas safely and conveniently tucked away in a stand where they can drip without wetting your precious floor. The stand is hand woven in a pretty varnished design and fabulous looking in contemporary and traditional hallways.

Specs and features

  • Height of 60cm
  • Width of 30cm
  • Perfect for contemporary and traditional hallways
  • Has a superb natural look and keeps the hall tidy and smart
  • Handwoven

Scores and ratings from verified buyers

The Round Rattan Umbrella Stand / Basket is one of those gorgeous contemporary and hallway decor additions in any modern home in a tidy and smart look and a natural appearance every home definitely needs. Considering its 60cm height and a width of 30cm, the Round Rattan Umbrella Stand is a superb naturally looking stand for walking, sticks, and brollies as well. It has already been rated on Amazon and holds a 5.0-star rating out of a five-star rating. A customer considers the umbrella stand a perfect addition to any contemporary and traditional styled home.


The Round Rattan Umbrella Stand is a great value for money and well recommended by Furniture UK! For a selection of rattan umbrella baskets & stands, visit our online furniture shop now!

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