Retro Stripy Walnut And Black Hoop TV Stand

Retro Stripy Walnut Black Hoop Coffee Table

This is a retro piece of furniture and is hooped shaped and made of walnut. Walnut is a dense grained wood and as such is very hard so that this coffee table will withstand a few knocks. This black hoop coffee table is made to order and will last a lifetime. It is hand crafted by master craftsmen.

A beautiful addition to any home This black and walnut coffee table will complement retro lines in your home and looks great as a statement piece of furniture. Not only can use it as a coffee table you could use it as a TV stand with room for the dvd box underneath. It is hand crafted, made to order and the walnut comes from sustainableÿ forests. Specifications and features:

  • The dimensions are various as it comes made to order in different sizes to suit you.
  • Curved hoop shape
  • Solid walnut and black wood
  • Retro piece
  • Handmade and crafted
  • Made to ordering


Ratings and scores: This hoop coffee table rates 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Customers were delighted with this statement piece of furniture and said it was a quality item and a pleasure to look at. They also liked that they could order their own designer sizes to suit their own specifications. Conclusion: The retro curves and solid walnut and black wood of this coffee table make it a very attractive piece of furniture, a statement piece, it will grace any home. It is hard and tough and will last a lifetime. It is hand crafted to your own specifications and made to order so you know you are getting a quality item. You can also use it as a TV stand with space below for the digital receiver or DVD player. Browse Furniture UK for a great range of TV Stands!

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