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Large Red Telephone Box Wine Cabinet

Large Red Telephone Box Wine Cabinet

One of the best ways of displaying and storing your wine in bottles is finding the best wine rack that works superbly for your dining room, living room or the kitchen. The Large Red Telephone Box Wine Cabinet actually goes an extra step than that.

Fantastic unforgettable design

The age of the telephone box is long gone and to many of the younger generation it looks like a time capsule from another era. But, to any savvy wine lover with bottles of exceptional wine to store the Large Red Telephone Box Wine Cabinet in the shape of the iconic telephone booth is a wonderful choice to keep wine bottles safe and perfectly presented. It can be kept in the kitchen, dining room or even the hallway and still serve its function superbly. The good thing is that it holds glasses and bottles well while perfecting that cherished English look. Great for a room where you definitely want glasses and wine bottles close by in a large handmade crafted telephone box wine cabinet.

Specs and features

  • Measures 171cm by 40cm by 40cm
  • Holds wine glasses and bottles superbly
  • A unique English look and design that takes one way back

Ratings and scores from verified buyers

This fantastic Red Telephone Box Very Large Wine Cabinet in the shape of a telephone box from decades past holds glasses and bottles superbly. The red wine cabinet in a telephone style is not just memorable and striking, but has also been rated in Amazon and holds a 5.0 star rating out of a possible five stars. A verified purchaser sums it up fabulously, describing it as a superb product, simply awesome and the right conversation starter when family and friends come calling.


The Red Telephone Box Very Large Wine Cabinet adds that unforgettable look while offering the perfect space to keep your wine bottles stored and well displayed. We highly recommend. For a selection of telephone box wine racks,  wine rack cabinets and more, browse our online furniture shop!