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Omega Wall Double Grey Headboard

Omega Wall Double Grey Headboard

Arriving with mounting instructions, the Omega Wall Double Grey Headboard is a very easy wall mountable headboard best for giving your home a whole new look. The upholstered headboard is a luxurious choice in chenille great for use in any bedroom.

Excellently upholstered

The Omega Wall Double Grey Headboard is not just luxuriously looking, but also a perfectly upholstered headboard that has been manufactured to top standards. It's superb for any bedroom that you might want to bring the best. Note that all the screws and fixtures you need to mount it on the wall are provided to help you fix it on the well. UK manufactured to top standards, it has complied with the relevant needed legislation for safety.

Superb quality

A great buy, the Omega Wall Double Grey Headboard is an excellent choice for any contemporary bedroom out there. Its diamonds and the upholstery bring out the best of the headboard even as the room gets a whole new focal point no matter the wall paper or interior decor.

Specs and features

  • UK manufactured
  • Highest standards of UK manufacturing observed
  • Arrives complete with struts/legs support
  • Fixing bolts included as well
  • Prompt delivery
  • Diamond crystals
  • Wall mounted

Customer reviews and ratings

Delivered to most places across the UK fast and safely, the Omega Wall Double Grey Headboard is luxuriously upholstered and a chenille headboard worth bringing into your bedroom. Verified buyers describe it as excellent, looks amazing, promptly delivered, absolutely amazing, very good value, luxurious and expensively looking, very well made and highly recommended.


The Omega Wall Double Grey Headboard is a superb wall mounted type of headboard made to the highest standards and meets all the needed regulations in place. Highly recommended, it brings out the best of any bedroom and bed.