We all like to buy from a trusted brand, but sometimes it’s hard to find out what we want to know about a company.  Some companies sell premium products at a premium price while others cater for those on more of a budget. Finding the right firm to buy from can require a lot of research but here we can help. We have put together a guide with information about reputable furniture retailers here in the UK. Each profile includes the history of the store and some useful information to help you make an informed decision about buying from them. These include big brand name firms and newer companies which we believe will have a big impact on the furniture business. Even if you’re not looking to make a purchase yet, these profiles are an interesting way to keep yourself informed about the companies who we rely on to furnish our homes.  Just click on the first letter of the company name, or if you are looking for retailers of certain products, enter that in to the keyword box to see who comes up. Browse the Furniture UK Profile pages and keep up to date with the latest home furnishing brands!