Premier High Gloss White Tallboy Cabinet

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Premier High Gloss White Tallboy Cabinet Review

Any modern or classic designed bathroom deserves a cabinet that is not just trustworthy and unique, but aptly required for the storage of diverse required items in any bathroom. The Premier High Gloss White Tallboy Cabinet is one such unit that would work wonders not just in a bathroom, but also in a linen or laundry room. Its ability to blend with any decor is noticeable right away and meshes beautifully with the other accessories in the space as the focal point.

High gloss and useful

The Premier High Gloss White Tallboy Cabinet is a free standing unit and steady and doesn't need to be fixed on the wall. It has internal dimensions of 318 mm in width and a depth of 295 mm. It arrives already assembled and only screwing handles on the units front is required since they arrive inside screwed for shipping and packaging purposes. Both the bottom and top cupboards have adjustable shelves. In total the unit provides four storage spaces and a drawer space.

Specs and features

  • White in colour
  • 39 kilograms weight
  • Wooden made
  • Dimensions include 330mm in depth and 350mm in width
  • Free standing steady unit
  • Internal dimensions include 295mm depth and a 318mm width
  • Arrives already assembled
  • Offers four storage areas and drawer space

Ratings and scores from verified purchasers

The Premier High Gloss White Tallboy Cabinet has an already been rated in Amazon with 39 reviews and a 4.8 star rating out of a possible five stars. A customer thought it requires more than one person to move it around. Overall customers describe the unit as one they thoroughly recommend, arrives well protected and wrapped, lovely fantastic quality, excellent service and looks like advertised.


The Premier High Gloss White Tallboy Cabinet is a wonderful highly recommended bathroom unit that we also propose highly.

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