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Porto Jumbo Chenille Cord Fabric Corner Sofa

Porto Jumbo Chenille Cord Fabric Corner Sofa

If you are looking for a quality corner sofa, that is both stylish and cozy, the Porto Jumbo is one of the best options to consider. It is really affordable, yet sturdy, durable and spacious.
The edgy finish perfectly complements the buff and pumped cushion arrangement, and the 70 kg base provides unmatched stability and sturdiness within this price range. The cushions, both below and back, are very soft and comfortable, and the chenille fabric is durable and strong.

Only one color option is available, in gradient striped grey, but you can order the corner placement on both the left and right side of the sofa.

Unmatched comfort

The thick yet soft cushions are pretty inviting, while the back support is strong enough to let you enjoy a nice and comfortable stretch. You will get a combination of deep filled fiber seats and softbacks, which give the sensation of sinking deep into the sofa once you relax and sit back.

The Porto Jumbo chenille cord fabric corner sofa offers a variety of opportunities to relax and sit back, and thanks to the deep seats and comfortable cushions you can take a longer nap as well. Witting with your legs in front while watching TV or reading a book, or napping comfortably against the armrest make this sofa a very versatile furniture arrangement.

It can seat up to four or five people, depending on your size and comfort, and the side armrest is so strong and sturdy that two additional people can tilt against it or sit down at any time, both left and right.

Very durable

The base itself is premium quality, and if you put the sofa against the wall expect decades of use without damaging the structural integrity. If the back support is lacking reinforcement from a wall or something to lean against, it might loosen up a bit after several years of use, but much depends on your weight, aggressive pushes against it with the back, or dropping down and back with an impact.

The fabric, on the other hand, is very durable, and it will likely conceal dirt and stains as well. Make, however, the habit of vacuuming every now and then. Sharp objects like keys or buttons on your wardrobe won’t do much against the fabric, so rest assured that it will last, being intact, for years on end.

Specs and features:

– Fits into any living room
– Beautiful design
– High quality, super durable base
– Soft cushions
– Chenille fabric in grey
– Can be ordered with the corner arrangement on the left or right
– Weight – 70 Kg
– Dimensions – 212 cm x 164 cm x 78 cm
– Delivery to Mainland UK only
– Really affordable

Reviews, ratings, and scores from verified buyers

Over 20 reviews are available on Amazon UK, all from verified buyers. Some complaints on how easily the cushions slide when you spend more hours on the sofa, but the overall sentiment is super positive!


The great thing about this corner sofa, aside from being super comfortable and really durable, is that it can easily fit into any interior design concept, regardless of the style of furniture preferences. On one hand, it looks very stylish, yet on the other, it is very cozy and soft. The size, structural integrity of the base, soft cushions, chenille fabric and convenient design are enough on their own to make this model a serious contender for the top of any furniture catalogue. And when you consider the affordable price, it is perhaps one of the best models available on the market. Most highly recommended!  Left hand corner sofa at best prices, online!