Pirate Vintage Handmade Treasure Chest Storage Box

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The Most Impressive Treasure Chest Storage Box Can Now Be Yours!

If you have been looking for an effective way to keep all your things in place while elevating your living or working space's existing decoration, your quest stops here!

Thunderdog presents you with an amazing, incomparably striking decorative pirate treasure chest that is bound to catch everyone's attention and meet all your demands!

Premium Quality, Extremely Durable Construction

This top notch treasure chest box is built to last as it is made of finest quality wood and heavy duty metal. You literally buy once and enjoy for life!

Unmatched Versatility That Makes It Ideal For Countless Purposes

The Thunderdog pirate treasure chest box can be used In a wide variety of ways.

Its design is unique and it may vary in size and color due to the fact that it is handmade.

The elegant, eye-catching style along with the ample storing space provided by the 23x18x20cm size, make this storage trunk a must have for every single place.

Place it in your living room, bedroom, office, kitchen or bathroom and impress your guests.

This amazing, vintage style storing container can keep your jewelry, photos, old letters and memories, money, cards, soaps, perfumes, cosmetics and many more!

Make A Useful, Nice Present To Someone You Love

If you are invited to a birthday party, a wedding or any special occasion, this wood treasure chest makes the perfect gift.

Offer it to someone you love and put a big smile on their face!

Do Not Waste Time And Place Your Order Now Before We Are Sold Out Again!
✅ INCOMPARABLY DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Forget about cheaply made storage boxes once and for all! This top notch treasure chest is made of premium quality wood and incomparably sturdy metal. What is more, it features a lock at the front, providing maximum safety for your valuables. Outside Dimension: 19,7×9,84×11,02 inch =50x25x28 cm, Inside Dimension: 18,5×8,3×6,3 in
UNIQUE, IMPRESSIVE DESIGN: The Thunderdog treasure chest storage box is handmade and each piece is unique, slightly varying in size and colors. Its striking, vintage style makes it an impressive decorative element that will catch everyone's attention.
USE IT IN COUNTLESS WAYS: This multi-purpose pirate treasure chest box is a must have for anyone who wishes to keep their stuff well-organized. You can keep anything from money, cards, photos, makeup, soaps and collections to jewelry in it and feel confident that your valuable things are in perfect order.
ELEVATE YOUR PLACE'S DECORATION: This amazing decorative storage container perfectly fits any existing decoration, adding a luxury touch to any room. Place it in your living room, office, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom and utterly alter the existing atmosphere with this nice addition.
MAKE THE PERFECT GIFT: The Thunderdog antique treasure chest box makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Offer it as a birthday, wedding, anniversary or christening gift and impress with your taste!

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