Pigeon Hole Media Beech Storage Shelves

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Pigeon Hole Media Beech Storage Shelves

These Pigeon Hole Media Beech Storage Shelves are ideal for holding CDs, DVDs, ornaments, and books. They have 24 pigeon hole type shelves providing lots of space and it has a narrow design so it suits both large and smaller rooms. It is easy to assemble and will look good with any decor, while helping to keep rooms tidier.

Big storage area

These pigeon hole shelves are designed to hold 312 DVDs or Blu-rays and computer games or up to 480 CDs. They are narrow but they can also hold books, ornaments, and photographs making them a very versatile and useful display unit. The design will help to make a larger room look tidier and stylish and will add valuable space to a smaller room or house.

Looks good anywhere

The simple design of these shelves means that they will look good just about anywhere in the home. The unit is made from particle board which has a beech finish and this gives it a classic look which will match any colour scheme. Its size will fit into a lounge, bedroom or even conservatory, leaving you with a tidier home and making it far easier for you to find the things you want.

Features and Specs

Pigeon hole style media storage
24 separate shelving areas
Holds 480 CDs or 312 DVDs / Blu-ray
Suitable for ornaments, books and games
Beech finish
Slim design
Easy to assemble
Dimensions: 130.5cm x 89cm x 20cm

Customer reviews and scores

Due to this unit being narrow it is not easy to move once in place, but it is still a solid shelving unit. The Pigeon Hole Media Beech Storage Shelves are easy to assemble, though this may require two people, and the unit looks very nice when built. This is a good place for books, CDs, DVDs, ornaments and candles and the shelves provide a lot of space without taking up too much room.


This shelving unit is a great way to reduce clutter around the home and provide a tidy place for DVDs, CDs, and games. They have been split into 24 separate areas and although narrow, the shelves are also suitable for display purposes. The beech finish will blend into any room and the size of the unit will not take up too much space, even in smaller areas.

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