Oslo Solid Oak Large Sideboard Cabinet

Oslo Solid Oak Large Sideboard Cabinet Review The Oslo Solid Oak Large Sideboard Cabinet is one of the pre-assembled units worth thinking about while searching for a sideboard to add to your kitchen, dining room or the hallway. Solid oak made The Oslo Solid Oak Large Sideboard Cabinet is a unique Oslo range sideboard in the solid oak range. It has four unique drawers including two doors that hide internal adjustable shelves on three levels and removable. Each of the four drawers is spacious and large, which allows you to meet all your various storage needs including two cupboards on each side offering lots of storage space. The design is just that it tries heavily to meet the modern look while blending harmoniously both traditional and modern homes. It has been handcrafted from graded and selected oak timber. A lacquer light finish it?s given is an enhancer of its stunning beauty while offering a protective layer to the natural wood. It?s not a part solid oak-part veneer but 100 percent solid oak, including the bases and backs of the drawers. Specs and features

  • Arrives pre-assembled
  • Expert craftsmen build
  • Three level adjustable and removable shelves
  • Solid oak made with no MDF or veneers used on the furniture piece
  • Handcrafted
  • Not mass produced
  • Measures 1305mm in width, 425mm in depth and 825mm in height

  Ratings and scores from verified purchasers The Oslo Solid Oak Large Sideboard Cabinet has already been rated in Amazon and holds a 5.0 star rating out of a possible five star. Verified customers who?ve bought the furniture describe it to as a ?fantastic, great quality, and ample space, excellent, good value for money and stunning quality, great packaged and very-very pleased?. Conclusion The Oslo Solid Oak Large Sideboard Cabinet is a spectacular piece of quality furniture and highly recommended. Save

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