Oscar Leather Recliner with Drink Holders

Oscar Leather Recliner with Drink Holders The Oscar leather recliner is a more compact recliner chair than usual great for when space is short. It is a manual recliner; press your arms down and then use your body weight to tilt back, the foot rest will rise in conjunction with the tilt. It is made of soft bonded leather and firm foam padding and it has chaise seating. Looks great in your home Make this the centrepiece of your lounge, not only does it feel god it looks good too. Collapse into it after a hard day and watch a couple of movies or listen to music, you will be able to sit comfortably for hours. Specifications and features:

  • Dimensions?: 104 cm, W: 82 cm, D: 88 cm
  • Bonded soft leather
  • Comfortable firm padding
  • Manual tilt and recline
  • Compact size

  Ratings and scores: The Oscar manual recliner scored 4 « stars out of 5 on Amazon ratings. It comes in two parts and customers said they put it together within 5 minutes and was really easy to do. Customers were pleased with the comfort resting hard working feet and legs. Conclusion: For a decently priced recliner look no further. The Oscar manual recliner armchair is comfortable strong and resilient and should last a good few years. Tip yourself back with the foot rest also and enjoy your favourite films or use for gaming or for a nursing mother. It has a cup holder too for you tipple, tea or beer. It is more compact than other chairs of its ilk meaning it is great when space is a problem. The foam padding comfortably supports neck and shoulders, upper back, lumber regions, legs and feet. You will be able to sit for hours. What could be better than a night in front of the TV after a stressful day? Unwind in the Oscar manual recliner armchair. Save

4.5 (90%) 14 votes