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Oriental Chinese Gold Leaf Display Cabinet

Oriental Chinese Furniture Gold Leaf Display Cabinet Review

A modern or traditional home with a tinge of luxury and high-quality furniture and decor doesn't just get completed by any type of furniture, particularly the hallway where visitors and guests first interact with the home. You would like the display cabinet there to be a real talking point. This is exactly what the Oriental Chinese Furniture in Gold Leaf Display Cabinet is all about.

Hand-painted Chinese skilled design and highly useful

Rarely do you find a piece of furniture marrying both design and practicality so flawlessly? However, the Oriental Chinese Furniture Gold Leaf Display Cabinet has effectively done this. Through its hand-painted skilled art and design, you can be sure of a chest that looks great like an art masterpiece that is not just great in looks but useful in function. The door is made of glass including shelves with the top completed with a lighting unit. Glass shelves are supplied with it and the chest will be the most ideal way of displaying those prized possessions you own.

Specs and features

  • The top has a lighting unit
  • Delivered with glass shelves
  • Shelves and door made of glass
  • The hand-painted creative Chinese design is one of a kind
  • Great for displaying antiquities and other possessions of note
  • Finished in a golden colour and features glass and wood material
  • Shipping weight is 65 kilograms
  • Shelves are 37cm in height and adjustable by 2.5cm up or down

Scores and ratings from verified buyers

Obviously, a modern hallway or any other room in need of extra storage deserves something unique like the Oriental Chinese Furniture Gold Leaf Display Cabinet that you'd definitely like your guests to see. The chest has already been reviewed in Amazon and holds a 5.0-star rating out of a possible five stars. Verified buyers term it a stunning furniture piece, classy, highly recommended, very opulent and excellent craftsmanship.


Highly recommended by real buyers, the Oriental Chinese Furniture Gold Leaf Display Cabinet is a unique furniture piece. Furniture UK highly recommended product!