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Opus Uplighter Satin Chrome Floor Light

Opus Uplighter Satin Chrome Floor Light

This floor standing uplighter is a slim and contemporary design which will give a pleasing light while not taking up too much room. The satin chrome finish will blend in with any decorative style and the rotary dimmer switch means you can alter the brightness for any occasion. It will look just as good in a home as it will in an office and it is a sturdy design.

Adjustable lighting

The Opus Uplighter Satin Chrome Floor Light gives off a pleasing light and this can be altered according to your requirements. It has a rotary dimmer switch which can alter the brightness so you can relax with a lower light or read with full brightness. The uplighter directs the light upwards so it won’t be too bright or shine in to your eyes.

Contemporary style

The lamp has a satin chrome finish which matches any room. The design is slim, with a rounded lamp head and a heavy round base. It is 1.8m tall so the light itself will be above eye level for almost everyone, but it still gives off a good light to read or relax with. Assembly is easy as there are few pieces to screw together, and you don’t have to do any electrical wiring.

Features and Specs

Uplighter floor lamp
Easy to create the right mood
Satin chrome finish
Suitable for home or office use
Sturdy base
R7 bulb
Rotary dimmer switch
Height: 180cm

Customer reviews and scores

The uplighter gives out a nice light and can be easily controlled with the dimmer switch. The style suits both the home and an office environment and the lamp is easy to assemble. If the correct bulbs are used there should be no problems, and on full brightness you get a good deal of light. It is a lovely slim lamp which looks very elegant and customers have purchased more than one as they do not take up much space.


The Opus Uplighter Satin Chrome Floor Light is an excellent purchase for the home or office. The dimmer switch controls the brightness well and on full power creates a lovely bright room. The design is elegant and slim and the lamp does not require a lot of room. It is easy to put together and is a stylish lamp at a very good price. For the best chrome floor lights range, browse Furniture UK!