Oakleigh Oak Modern Nest of Table

Oakleigh Oak Modern Nest of Table

Probably the cheapest price you’ll ever pay for oak furniture across the board. Real solid wood, light but sturdy, and really pragmatic set of tables, suitable for any occasion or placement around the home. Bought this last month for my kid’s room, and so far I’m very satisfied.

Affordable and pragmatic

A nest of tables is an incredibly pragmatic solution for small children. They can use the large one more often, and even sit on the medium and small table. These are so sturdy for their size and weight that you’ll be surprised. Furthermore, unlike other lines of wood furniture, these tables are waxed and polished, so the surface is smooth and therefore easy to clean too. As for the price, you probably won’t find a cheaper solution anywhere on the internet.

Natural looking

I love wood furniture because it radiates with a certain tone of warmth. The wood texture is apparent here, and it looks very natural and welcoming, which is especially what I like for my kid’s room.

You can use this Oakland oak modern nest of tables anywhere in the house too. It can brighten your living room, fit well into a smaller hallway, and come handy in your bedroom too. The fact that you get a protective coating which covers the entire surface, for such a low price is amazing. The wax is transparent though, which is great because it preserves the natural color of the wood.

Features and specs:

  • Oak wood
  • Quite sturdy given its size
  • Pragmatic
  • Color tone that radiates with warmth
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Dimension: Large table- width 395mm – height 470mm – depth 395mm; Medium table- width 340mm – height 390mm – depth 340mm; small table- width 300mm – height 365mm – depth 300mm

Customer reviews and scores

This Oakleigh Oak Modern Nest of Table is very popular on Amazon, with likely over 2000 purchases so far, and not one negative review. Reading the reviews, you’ll find people appreciating the fact that it is durable yet super affordable, and that it is pragmatic and very easy to clean.

There is some assembly to be made, but all of the reviews so far indicate that you’ll figure it out in less than few minutes. It took me only 5 minutes or so to put the set together.


If you want a practical set of tables which is constructed from real wood, and costs way less than 100 pounds, then this is the best one you’ll ever find. It features a lovely wood gradient and smooth surface which is easy to clean and maintain. Definitely a must buy!

Author: Tiffany G.

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