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Published in July, 2106, and spanning over 55 pages, the Global School Furniture Market Report 2016-2020 is a concentrated effort of several Techavio offices around the globe, to gather, analyze and systemize current and future trends within the furniture industry.   Opening their offices in Toronto, almost fifteen years back, the company have experienced unprecedented… Read the full article

It is hard to talk about the furniture market in the UK without mentioning the BEFMG. Abbreviation for the British Educational Furniture Manufacturers Group, this organization represents furniture designers and manufacturers from all sectors of the educational market. Members of this group supply a broad range of furniture items, with an emphasis on tables, chairs… Read the full article

When we observe the current trend on how education is preparing our youth, two directions reveal as obvious. Though a torrent of courses is being introduced every year, most of them have to do with digital skills and vague cross-industry domains. Our youth, so it seems, is becoming the jack of all trades and the… Read the full article

In North America and Europe, online retail sales have continued growing. Online sales in eight countries namely Germany, Poland, UK, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Italy and France grew between 2014 and 2015 from £132.05 billion to £156.67 billion. The growth trend is expected to continue with online sales expected to hit £182.80 billion for the mentioned… Read the full article

What a customer uses to pay for retail goods is exactly what retail payment system refers to. Today, modern shoppers use cheques, charge cards, cash in coins and notes, credit cards and debit cards and other methods such as shopping vouchers, London’s prepaid oystercards, loyalty credit cards and gift cards. Challenges facing these payment systems… Read the full article

With the Conservative regime budget of July 2015 came a new headache for retailers. The Chancellor of the Exchequer came with an announcement that those above the age of 25 will, beginning April 2016, start receiving a “Living Wage”. The Chancellor defined it as £7.20/hour in 2016 but expected to rise to around £9/hour in… Read the full article

After some recessionary fluctuations, retail crimes declined to 1.32 percent in 2012-2013 of total sales in retail in contrast with 1.37 percent in 2011. A decade prior, the retail related cost stood at 1.77 percent and 1.29 in 2010. Retail crime refers to loss of stock due to crime, error or waste and usually calculated… Read the full article

One of the significant moments in the history of Britain was on 23rd June when the country voted to exit the European Union. From a 72.2 percent turnout at the ballot, those who choose to leave were 51.9 percent. It was an outcome most pundits didn’t expect to happen and the repercussions were almost immediate.… Read the full article

Now that the Brexit vote to leave Europe went through, the uncertainties that persist are palpable and it’s very hard to understand how Britain’s new normal will be like. There’s a lot of pessimism on the future but it’s the action of consumers, businesses and politicians after the referendum that will determine how the future… Read the full article

By 2020, John Lewis would have grown its Home business brand by £1 billion in annual revenue. In addition, the retailer will be seeking to continue expanding partnerships with diverse brands. Essentially, John Lewis will be benchmarking on its success and building on it by having design credentials as well as quality solidly placed at… Read the full article