Newlyn Oak Console Table with Two Drawers & Shelf

Newlyn Oak Console Table with Two Drawers & Shelf

This console table was a gift from my mother who loves oak furniture in any of its variations. And I can see why. It is contemporary yet radiates with warmth. You can easily track the natural and original texture of the wood, and the color gradient is not depended on the wax or lacquer, but natural occurring grain within the surface of the oak timber.

It is convenient, durable and surprisingly sturdy for its price and slightly space-efficient size.

Affordable and efficient

If you are looking for a console table, but feel budget restrictions like many of us do, this is a perfect choice that won’t say “cheap”. Instead, it looks almost like custom made furniture, given how the color tone matches naked timber.

What you get for this apparently low priced item, is a reliable piece of furniture, that’s been hand waxed to perfection. Smooth on the surface, easy to clean, and sophisticated to the eye.


It’s not about buying an affordable item, only to find out later that you have to sacrifice on storage, durability or overall quality. This Newlyn Oak console table with two drawers & shelf won’t compromise on quality. It is sturdy, heavy, and ultra-smooth on the surface, yet surprisingly resistant to the everyday wear and tear.

Features and specs:

  • Quality Oak and oak veneer
  • Space efficient
  • Excellent for smaller apartments
  • Enough storage space
  • Natural oak color gradient
  • Dimension: H: 75cm W: 85cm D: 32cm
  • Delivered almost fully assembled

Customer reviews and scores

You won’t find tons of reviews on the net as of yet, but those that exist all have positive things to say. People are generally surprised by the quality and convenience of this console table, having in mind the price which is lower than 120 pounds.

Assembly is done within minutes, and maintenance requires wiping the surface with a wet cloth every now and then. The natural color supplied by the oak is great for hiding dust, so you wouldn’t know whether or not the table has been wiped or not.


If it helps you make a decision, I strongly recommend this Newlyn Oak console table with two drawers & shelf, mostly due to its price/quality ratio. It is excellent for smaller apartments and hallways, can be used in any room of the house, and looks great regardless of the style and setting of your other furniture.

It has sophisticated design (as wood items usually have), is very affordable, and super smooth on the surface. What is there more to ask?

Author: Sandra T.

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