Newcam Cream Wooden Nesting Set of 3 Tables

Newcam Cream Wooden Nesting Set of 3 Tables

If you are looking for a quality made nest of tables that is also stylish and affordable, this is one of those sets that’ll end your search. I’ve been looking for oak furniture that also has acacia painted frame and legs for a while, but aside from expensive shops around the country, nobody seems to sell these. Then a friend of mine shared a link from Amazon, and I’m very happy with my purchase ever since.

They look modern, sophisticated and super stylish. The hard painted frame and legs are smooth and millimeter perfect, as you can only expect from premium furniture items. The price is probably the lowest you’ll ever find for any furniture piece whatsoever, especially within the acacia painted range.

Premium quality

Other nests of tables usually include additional wooden rails that connect the legs for added support. Not this one though – which is great in a way – you can experiment with different placements. The surprising thing is that even without additional wooden rails for stability, every table is sturdy and nicely balanced.

The timber that is used is solid oak, and the table tops are quality oak veneers.

Stylish and modern

Nobody who looks at this Newcam cream wooden nesting set of 3 tables can guess the price right. My mother in law thought that I’ve bought them for double the price, and still hesitated to say a higher number.

What sets them apart is the quality blend of oak veneer at the top (which is positioned so that it looks like real oak timber), and solid oak that’s been hard painted with a classic and timeless color gradient that looks super sophisticated.

Features and specs:

  • Premium quality solid oak and oak veneers
  • Acacia painted legs and frame
  • Super sturdy and durable
  • No wooden rails between the legs
  • Convenient
  • Sophisticated and modern
  • Lovely color tone
  • Dimensions: large- 55L x 50W x 50H cm; medium- 42L x 40W x 41.6H cm; small- 29L x 30W x 33.2H cm

Customer reviews and scores

17 reviews on Amazon so far and not a single negative one… People love how sophisticated this nest of tables looks, how practical it is, and how expensive it seems if you don’t know the price.

It is, by far, the most affordable acacia painted furniture you can find on the net.


The Newcam cream wooden nesting set of 3 tables is probably the best furniture deal you’ll ever find on Amazon, especially if you are looking for a nest of tables, and within the acacia painted palate of items. Don’t hesitate to order. The quality is top notch, and the design and painted surface easily exceed the price you’ll pay for it.

Author: Tina R.

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