Newcam Cream Wooden Natural Oak Coffee Table

Newcam Cream Wooden Natural Oak Coffee Table

Bought this one last week for our living room and we are pleasantly surprised with how premium quality it is. Perfect color tone, and consistent throughout, with a nice contrast on top… The two drawers give you enough space for storage, open smoothly, and what is interesting, from both sides. The low panel completes the design making the table look richer and lower than it actually is (which we were definitely after).

Stylish and sophisticated design

I love the attention to detail, and how every inch is millimeter perfect. The drawer handles are small and stylish, the color is sophisticated and fits well in numerous interior design combinations.

I love the touch of retro, and vintage. It perfectly describes our living room style.

Premium quality

The Newcam Cream Wooden natural oak coffee table is constructed with quality solid oak and oak veneers. It is sturdy and adequately heavy, with drawers that open smooth and have a clean cut interior. The top panel is waxed and easy to clean, and the color coat is protected and durable.

Features and specs:

  • Premium quality oak and oak veneers
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Sophisticated and stylish
  • Durable
  • Lots of storage space and convenience of use
  • Delivered fully assembled

Customer reviews and scores

People love the fact that drawers open from both sides, giving extra style to the coffee table. I like the amount of storage space, and how you can leverage the full surface of both panels, top and lower one.

My husband always leaves his kindle, headphones, and whatnot on top of the table, and now the drawers don’t leave any room for excuse. The lower panel is for books and magazines, and you can put plates and bowels when watching a movie, so you don’t have to go back and forth between the kitchen and living room.


The Newcam Cream Wooden natural oak coffee table is a premium looking piece of furniture, and nicely fits any design environment. The great thing is that you can combine the piece with other furniture items from the same line and color tone later, investing slowly whenever you can.

I for one, have my eye fixed on some window cabinets that match the same color tone. So even if you cannot find a suitable furniture item within this line, the tone is universal and likely to provide you with hundreds of matching options from different brands and lines. I for one would definitely stick with the Newcam Cream collection thanks to the price/quality ratio.

Author: Joana K.

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