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Blanket boxes/Trunks have been used over the years to store bed linen and other items. They are an essential item for storage and are widely used in many homes around the world.

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Where is a Blanket Box Used?

Blanket boxes are most usually kept in the bedroom, most commonly at the end of the bed on the floor. Of course they can be used elsewhere in the home, even being used as tables.

Functions of a Blanket Box

Blanket boxes are normally used to store, as the name suggests, blankets and other bedding. However, the can be perfect for storing other items such as DVDs and shoes.


It is likely that you are going to be taking things out and putting things in a blanket box fairly regularly so it is unlikely that you will want to display anything on top of it. Although it is not uncommon for people to leave the box empty, and place it at the bottom of the bed and using it as a TV.

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Blanket boxes are extremely useful as a form of storage. They are also very stylish, coming in a number of different styles and designs.

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Placing at blanket box at the foot of your bed gives the whole room a homely and traditional touch.

Features of a Blanket Box

Furniture UK`s blanket boxes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, offering small and large boxes. Most blanket boxes are rectangular in shape but some are square.

Choosing a Blanket Box

There are a few considerations that you should make before buying a blanket box for your home:

 What size of blanket box you want. This will usually depend on the size of your room and the space available.

   What you want to store in your blanket box

    If the blanket box compliment your room’s décor. Check that the blanket box matches the style you already have in your room and the surrounding furniture. You don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb!

How to Look After a Blanket Box

It is important to keep your blanket box looking at its best and in order to do this you should clean and protect it with good quality beeswax. It is also wise to keep it away from strong sunlight and avoid putting it in front of radiators or heaters. This is because the heat might cause it to shrink and the joints to loosen.


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