Nebraska 4 Drawer Oak Chest of Drawers Cabinet

Nebraska 4 Drawer Oak Chest of Drawers Cabinet

I surprised my wife few weeks ago by buying this Nebraska 4 drawer set, and now we love how it looks in our bedroom. It is a really nice contemporary addition to any bedroom, and space efficient considering the small base that gets supplemented with the taller design. Needless to say, this is a perfect drawer set if you are looking for one for your smaller apartment or bedroom, but still cannot quite compromise on space.

Contemporary design

I love the handles and how they look on this warm oak furniture. Most other oak furniture items come with a rustic look, and you cannot find minimal and contemporary design quite so easily. I like the gradient of the wood, and how the drawers are designed in relation to the height of this cabinet.

The handles are what I love the most about it though. Looks so fancy and stylish.

Quality craftsmanship

Put together with quality oak material, this is a real bargain for the praise. It gets delivered to your door fully assembled, and you will instantly notice the quality of built once you get a closer look at how the drawers are joint together, and how the grains in the wood look.

The smooth finish on top, which is light lacquer, is a splendid way to preserve the wood natural color, while protecting the cabinet from the usual wear and tear. Additionally, I love how easy it is to clean and maintain.

Features and specs:

  • Quality oak materials
  • Dovetail joints for the drawers
  • Stylish and contemporary handles and overall design
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Light lacquer finish that is easy for maintenance and cleaning
  • Dimensions: length- 70, width- 40, height- 95
  • Extra storage space with 4 large drawers

Customer reviews and scores:

You will find few reviews on the net, but that’s mainly because this is a new line of products and the drawer set is introduced only recently. Those that leave reviews though will confirm the quality of built and the fine design. My wife and I are generally happy with the set, and especially love the fact that it requires less space, and can store equal amount (if not more) items inside. Thanks to the quality craftsmanship, it can endure a lot of weight and you should expect a rather long product lifetime.


If you have a smaller bedroom, or require a contemporary storage solution, then this is probably the best drawer set you can find for your money. The Nebraska 4 Drawer Oak Chest of Drawers Cabinet is stylish yet warm, durable and sturdy, yet space efficient.

Author: Anthony D.

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