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Nebraska 2 Drawer Oak Console Table With Shelf

Nebraska 2 Drawer Oak Console Table with Shelf

Made with dovetail joints and premium quality oak, this is one of the most affordable yet impressive console tables you can find on the internet. Contemporary design, modern handles, and sturdy, this Nebraska 2 drawer oak console table with shelf is well worth the money. I’ve bought it last week, and now it decorates my living room, perfectly blending with the rest of my contemporary style.

Attractive design

I’ve always wanted a wooden yet contemporary looking console table for the living room. And this Nebraska 2 drawer oak console table with shelf fits perfectly.

The natural color gradient of the wood is preserved, and it blends well with the overall concept. The handles are modern and stylish, and the height is just about perfect. With the bottom shelf placed low enough, this table looks taller than it actually is.

Made with attention to detail

There are no rough edges here. Everything is smooth and perfect to the millimeter. The waxing is applied by hand, evenly throughout the surface.

The legs are robust and chunky, with small cuts where they touch the floor. The drawers open smoothly, and are nicely polished. They fit perfectly when closed, making the front look really sophisticated. This console table is easily mistaken with those that are custom made.

Features and specs:

  • 100% solid oak
  • Light color
  • Protective waxing applied by hand
  • Dovetail joints
  • Stunning design
  • Modern and sleek handles
  • Dimension: W85cm x H75cm x D32cm

Customer reviews and scores

Customers are satisfied with the quality of this product, and love the fact that they are getting premium quality oak for the price of buying oak veneers. I love that it is so easy to maintain, and will probably last a lifetime. The design is what everybody is talking about though- so attractive. Delivery and customer support is spot on, and I’d love to buy again when I have the chance.


If you are looking for a quality console table for your living room or hallway, this is the one to buy. It is premium quality and quite sophisticated. It goes well with wall-mounted mirrors, and you can even decorate the bottom shelf with some art in order to make it stand out even more.

The design though, is sufficient to capture the attention of many people on its own.

Author: Tiffany R.