Nebraska Modern Oak 2 Drawer Coffee Table with Shelf

Nebraska Modern Oak 2 Drawer Coffee Table with Shelf

This coffee table is one of the best furniture deals I’ve ever bought on Amazon. Right below 160 pounds, it is really affordable, yet surprisingly quality made. Handcrafted and hand waxed, it will stand out with its wooden rustic, yet contemporary design. I love oak furniture, and how it radiates with warmth, and this Nebraska coffee table achieves that by being really stylish and welcoming.

Attractive design

What I especially like about this Nebraska modern oak 2 drawer coffee table with shelf is that it somehow includes the good from both worlds- on one side you have this wooden rustic appeal, and on the other this contemporary vibe achieved by attaching modern and slick drawer handles.

Another thing that stands out is the front of the drawer where you get the impression that there are 2 drawers instead of one. The inline sideboards, the sturdy legs, the positioning of the shelf and the overall height of the table… Everything looks so sophisticated and stylish.

Great deal

For less than 160 pounds we got a stylish and cute coffee table, which at the same time is extra sturdy and durable. Oak and quality oak veneers are used for the construction, as well as dovetail joints and lacquer wax. Everything is handmade by skilled craftsmen, which is another thing that seals the deal for me.

Features and specs:

  • Quality oak and oak veneers
  • Handmade
  • Hand waxed
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Modern looking handles
  • Lots of storage
  • Stylish and contemporary
  • Dimensions: W90cm x H47cm x D55cm
  • Drawer Size: W67cm x H9cm x D48cm
  • Shelf: W80cm x H16cm x D51cm

Customer reviews and scores

The Nebraska modern oak 2 drawer coffee table with shelf has a great number of positive reviews online and on Amazon. People love the overall design and how sturdy it is.

What my husband and I especially love though, aside from the beautiful design, is that you can access the drawer from both sides. This makes the front and the back of the coffee table to look exactly the same.


The Nebraska modern oak 2 drawer coffee table with shelf is probably one of the best deals you can find on Amazon. Super stylish and sophisticated, it includes quality oak timber that’s been handcrafted and hand waxed to perfection. Considering how convenient and durable it is, and how lovely it looks, you’d expect an entirely different price. The fact that it’s so affordable is something you shouldn’t miss out on.

Author: Veronica H.

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