Modern Design Nest Of 3 Wooden Tables

Modern Design Nest of 3 Wooden Tables

This is probably one of the best table offers on Amazon. You get three sophisticated and modern tables of different size, for what is almost the price of a single one. They look elegant and classy, and closely resemble expensive custom made furniture, that you can find only in posh wooden furniture shops around the country.

Easy to clean, because of the super protective coating, you won’t have to worry about moisture, and scratches from keys or sharp objects.

Stunning design

Inspired by Scandinavian furniture design, these tables can fit within various interior design concepts. They can be used to contrast the modern line of furniture in your home, by introducing neatly shaped wooden forms, or fit nicely with your warm oak furniture.

The color gradient makes them look much more expensive, and this is also achieved by the innovative and minimalistic design as well.

Practical and affordable

Whereas other tables won’t use space efficiently by having separate legs and wooden rails that connect them, this modern design nest of wooden tables fits into what is seemingly a single piece of furniture.

It is thus very practical, and can be used as a single extravagant coffee table, whether that is in the center of your living room, or by the sides of your sofa.

The price is much lower than what you’ll expect from such premium quality. Real wood and hand waxed, similar items can go much higher compared to this one. Besides, you won’t find something that’s been designed so neatly and contemporary, within this price range.

Features and specs:

  • Real wood
  • Stunning modern design
  • Inspired by Scandinavian furniture
  • Tables fit together neatly
  • Sophisticated color gradient
  • Dimensions: 500mm (L) x 300mm (D) x 465mm (H); 430mm (L) x 300mm (D) x 410mm (H); 360mm (L) x 300mm (D) x 360mm (H)

Customer reviews and scores

Unlike other sets of tables this Modern design nest of 3 wooden tables doesn’t require assembly. This makes it look much more custom made, and much more expensive. It is as if the tables were carved out of a huge chunk of wood, and then carefully waxed to perfection.

People love the minimal design and Scandinavian appeal.


If you love minimalistic and Scandinavian furniture, this is your best choice. Affordable and practical, it looks ultra-stylish and very expensive. You will notice how huge amount of detail has been paid- the edges are slightly rounded, the wood surface is smooth and polished, the tables are millimeter perfect overall.

Author: Sophia K.

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