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Mira Eco Three Spray Water Saving Chrome Showerhead

Mira Eco Three Spray Water Saving Chrome Showerhead

If you need a shower head replacement or just want to upgrade to a better model, you cannot miss with the Mira Eco three spray water saving chrome showerhead. It is designed to last for a decade, staying reliable even after years of use.

This model is going to provide a very satisfying water massage, with three modes that offer a great degree of diversity when it comes to shower preferences. If your water system provides anything more than 0.5 bars of pressure, the Mira Eco would fit perfectly.

The new technology and smart design enable this spray head to save up to 75% water usage, which means that you will have your comfortable shower experience without making a mess.
It is suitable for mixer showers and fits perfectly regardless of the hose model. No tools are required for the installation.

Premium quality model

Compared to other models within the same category and price range, the Mira Eco is a bird of another feather. It weighs 330 grams, with a head diameter of 9 centimeters. The grip is comfortable, thanks to the attractive and ergonomic design, and the mode switch is intuitive and seamless. The spray surface is covered with tiny embedded nozzles, which are there to stay as long as you have the shower head. I tried rubbing them aggressively while the surface was dry, only to confirm my claim that not a single one would change its shape, yet alone fall off.

Mira is known for manufacturing durable and reliable bathroom items, so when you see the brand logo, rest assured that you’ll be using the product for many years on end.

Very satisfying shower experience

The 3 different modes provide enough of a variety to enjoy a satisfying shower experience. All work great above 0.5 bars of pressure, but I prefer the largest surface mode since it provides a fine-grained water texture that feels like a tinkling massage.
The 9 cm head diameter is enough of a surface to enable this noticeable difference from one mode to another, and certainly enough to cover most of your head with water when raining from a fixed position above.

Specs and features:

Premium quality shower head
3 different spray modes
Satisfying shower experience
Suitable for a mixer shower set
Very easy to fit
9 cm diameter
330 grams in weight
Requires above 0.5 bars of water pressure
Very durable and reliable
Water flow evenly distributed between each and every nuzzle

Reviews, ratings, and scores from verified buyers

With over 50 reviews from verified buyers on Amazon UK, this model is very positively popular within its category. It is positively rated, with most of the reviewers saying they got exactly what was advertised.


A premium quality model! The price is not affordable per say, especially considering the fact that you only get one item, but when you factor in the number of different spraying modes, the quality, and the durability, it is a fair number nonetheless. The water saving function will keep the hot water from draining quickly, and the rubber nuzzles will allow for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Highly recommended!