Mira Eco Three Spray Water Saving Chrome Showerhead

Mira Eco Water Saving Adjustable Mode Shower Head Chrome The Eco gives you the same invigorating shower, but reduces water consumption and heating costs while it does so. It's a greener way to get cleaner. Mira ECO Handset reduces the amount of water needed thanks to its aeration device and therefore uses less energy to heat the water. Features and Benefits: Ecofficient technology creates aerating action, using the venturi principal Saves up to 75% water and still delivers a great performance Eco spray gives full coverage and a greater performance across all three aerating spray modes, Start, Soothe and Force Aerating water creates larger droplets filled with air bubbles Droplets explode on impact providing great coverage Reducing the amount of water means less energy is used No loss in number of nozzles, no reduction in nozzle size, just a great saving in water and energy costs Chrome finish Save

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