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Mercers Furniture Mantis Lamp Table with Drawers

Mercers Furniture Mantis Lamp Table with Drawers

Any time you want to get a quality bedside table chances are its design is also important. Mercers Furniture Mantis Lamp Table is a unique product that's not just useful, but uniquely made from a special type of wood. Of course if you're thinking about renewable resources and the environment then this lamp table is worth another look.

Solid mangowood

Of course you don't get a mangowood lamp table everyday. We loved the fact that the Mercers Furniture Mantis Lamp Table is an Indian made drawer from renewable sources that have been approved. The solid mango wood product has NO chipboard, veneers or mdf in its design but just solid timber.

Cuts across traditional and modern tastes

While the lamp table is stunningly contemporary in its look, it has a unique lilt that allows it to cut across tradition and modern tastes without being out of place. You can add it in a bedroom with a traditional rustic designed bed or a contemporary designed bedstead. It will still bring out the best of the room through its exceptional variation of natural grain and light finish.


The two drawers the Mercers Furniture Mantis Lamp Table comes with offers some space to put away books, spectacles and other items in a bedroom, conservatories as well as classy commercial homes.  

Specs and features

  • It's made of solid mangowood
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Features a lacquered type of finish
  • Handmade and imported from India
  • 60cm by 50cm and 36cm in dimensions

Scores and reviews from product buyers

When you want a lamp table that's good to look at and affordable, great to add to your bedroom, conservatory or class home you need a unique product. Mercers Furniture Mantis Lamp Table with Drawers is a special product made from Mangowood. It holds a 4.3 stars rating out of five stars with six reviews. The general agreement from verified purchasers of the lamp table is that it's a lovely furniture piece, great quality and reasonably priced and that it looks super in the bedroom.


The Mercers Furniture Mantis Lamp Table is a great addition to any room and loved by verified Amazon buyers. We recommend it in case you want a special lamp table delivered in great condition.