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Mercers Furniture Corona Pine Magazine Rack

Mercers Furniture Corona Pine Magazine Rack Review

Of all the things many people forget to add into their interior decor areas is a quality bedside piece of furniture or some extra space for their living room. With the Mercers Furniture Corona Pine Magazine Rack, you’ve a wonderful combination of useful additions in a piece of furniture you’d love to add into your bedroom. This includes a magazine rack, flat important top and internal spacious space in an overall superbly finished product.

Solid antique pine

Any bedside furniture deserves to have outstanding qualities anyone would love to have around. Of all these, the quality of the wood is highly critical as much as the finish and workmanship, all of which mean a highly beautiful and ideal product for any home. The Mercers Furniture Corona Pine Magazine Rack is a superb addition to any home in the most natural of antique wax finishes. It’s easy to assemble and put together and spacious enough for its size. With magazine racks on opposite sides, spacious internal space and a flat top, you’ve definitely have the bedside cabinet that brings into your bedroom space lots of practical usefulness.

Excellent in its usefulness

The measure of any quality bedside cabinet is its usefulness. The Mercers Furniture Corona Pine Magazine Rack being easy and straightforward to put together brings a lovely colour and touch in the bedroom. Its storage delights and flat top mean you’ve lots of areas to store your growing count of magazines, books, Smartphone or even coffee.

Specs and features

  • Measures 36cm in depth, 53cm width and 48cm height
  • Self assembly
  • Solid pine
  • Quality antique wax finish

Customer reviews and ratings

A quality antique wax finish in solid pine makes the storage in the Mercers Furniture Corona Pine Magazine Rack the exact kind you’ve always wanted. Beyond being the exact bedside furniture with a unique natural-looking hue it’s also one you can use to tuck away lots of retrievables. It’s the reason verified customers describe the magazine rack as a ‘great piece of furniture’, ‘very stylish’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘easy to assemble’, ‘very sturdy’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘affordable’.


Solid pine and antique wax finish give the Mercers Furniture Corona Pine Magazine Rack a special glint of patina you’d love to add to your bedroom, especially with such high recommendations from verified buyers who’ve praised its usefulness and look. It offers a lot beyond a quality workmanship, finish and storage space.