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Mcc 6 Sides Baby Playpen with Activity Panel

Mcc 6 Sides Baby Playpen with Activity Panel

This colorful playpen is a safe place for your baby to sit and play. There is a safety gate to keep your baby safe and an interactive play panel to keep them entertained. The pen is easy to assemble and can be used in the home or in the garden.

A safe place to play

The Mcc 6 Sides Baby Playpen with Activity Panel provides your child with a safe place to play, leaving you free to carry out your household chores. The pen has a door with a dual safety lock and the edges are all rounded so they cannot harm themselves. The panel fits easily together and each panel locks in place so that it is secure and won’t come undone. There are 6 pieces which also fit together to make a barrier so you can keep your child in one room if you need to.

Activity center

Children are attracted to colors and the panels on this pen are colorful and vibrant. One panel has an activity center to keep your child entertained and the pen can be filled with balls as well. The sturdy plastic design can be used inside or out in the garden, so your child can play safely outside in the summer.

Features and Specs

6 sided playpen
Dual locking safety gate
Rounded edges and corners
Folds down for easy storage
Interactive play panel
Easy fixing no tools needed
Can be used indoors or outside
Expandable up to 6.31 sq meters

Customer reviews and scores

The Mcc 6 Sides Baby Playpen with Activity Panel is easy to assemble and sturdy so that children cannot get out. It has good space for a child to play and no sharp edges. Once it is taken down, it does not take up much room and can be stored easily. Children enjoy the activity center and the door locks well to make sure they stay inside.


This lovely colorful playpen is easy to assemble and provides a safe environment for a child to play. It has a built-in activity center and a dual locking safety door. The plastic is strong and durable, with no sharp edges, and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. It gives peace of mind that your child is safe leaving you free to carry on with other chores. For a selection of quality, cheap playpens for babies, shop on Furniture UK Online!