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Mcc 8 Sides Baby Playpen with Activity Panel

Mcc 8 Sides Baby Playpen with Activity Panel

The Mcc 8 Sides Baby Playpen with Activity Panel keeps children safe and entertained. It has 8 colourful panels, including an activity centre, and it folds down so it does not need much storage space. The gate can be locked for security and it is safe for use indoors and outdoors.

Children can play safely

This 8 sided playpen means you can leave your child to play safely while you carry on with other activities in the home. It keeps them safe so they cannot wander around unsupervised. The pen is made from thick plastic which locks together and stays in place and this means it can also be used in the garden. The pieces can be wiped clean to keep it hygienic.


The Mcc 8 Sides Baby Playpen with Activity Panel has brightly coloured panels which children are attracted to. There are pictures on the panels and bars for them to grip and there is also an activity centre on one. The pen can be filled with their own toys and there is plenty of room for them to move around. There are no sharp edges for children to catch, and the pen can be used as a barrier as well.

Features and Specs

8 sided playpen
Suitable for children up to 5 years old
Dual locking safety gate
Rounded edges and corners
Folds down for easy storage
Interactive play panel
Easy fixing no tools needed
Can be used indoors or outside

Customer reviews and scores

The playpen is worth every penny as it is sturdy and safe. Children enjoy exploring it and the bright colours and they love playing with the activity centre. The sides are strong enough for children to support themselves when they are learning to walk. It can be made to different sizes and moved from room to room and it’s a great way for children to play outside.


Children will love this playpen. It has bright colours, an activity centre and strong panels for them to hold on to. The safety door locks so they cannot get out and you can leave them unsupervised to play. The pen also makes a good barrier and it can be taken down and stored when not in use. The plastic has no sharp edges so children cannot hurt themselves and it can be used in the house or in the garden.