Mattress Technical Info

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If you want to have that all-important good night’s sleep time and time again, one of the first places to look will be your mattress. If you purchase a mattress that is of a decent quality now, you are likely to have it for as long as a decade, which will save you the expense of having to purchase a replacement for a poor one every few years. FurnitureUK promotes a range of styles of Single (3ft), Double (4ft 6”) and King Size (5ft) mattresses that also give you the option of different designs and firmness levels.

Joseph International Krona Mattress

Mattress Technical Info

Firmness Rating

Mattresses are rated on the site for firmness from 1-5, 1 being the softest and 5, the most firm.

Spring Gauge

The mattress’s support and firmness is determined by the gauge of the coils. The thickness of the spring is measured by a spring gauge rating, with the lower numbers denoting the thicker springs, which in turn make for a firmer mattress.  Technically, a 13.5 Gauge is soft, a 13.0 Gauge is medium and a 12.5 Gauge, firm.

Joseph International Silk Pocket 1000 Mattress

Pocket Springs

The springs are nested individually and sewn on each side with calico. All of the springs are kept together by a flat steel isolating bar around the perimeter at the first spring. On top are placed the fillings, which are tufted with several laces. This keeps the fillings together in both the most traditional and most efficient manner, ensuring that the product lasts for longer.

Gauge Rod

Around the mattress’s perimeter can be found the gauge rod. This adds support and strength to the mattress.

Orthopaedic Mattress

The purpose of an orthopaedic mattress, which is usually firmer than a normal mattress, is to support the back and spine by holding your spine the correct alignment. This halts the accumulation of pressure and tension.

Memory Foam

NASA has developed this high density foam, which responds to your body and the surrounding temperature. Warming up the foam causes it to soften so that the mattress adopts the ideal shape for your body. This keeps the spine in perfect alignment and reduces pressure points. You can keep yourself cool at the height of summer, and warm when the winter months come, with Coolmax technology. The mattress can be penetrated by dust mites as a result of the use of memory foam, making the mattress more hygienic and cleaner.


Depth is measured from the top side to bottom side of the mattress.

Mattress Size Guide

Single – W90cm x L190cm

Double – W135cm x L190cm

King Size – W150cm x L200cm


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