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Luxury Buckingham Divan Base Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress

Luxury Buckingham Divan Base Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress

When you want to replace a bed there're a number of beds to go with. However, there're a number of reasons why the Luxury Buckingham Divan Base is loved by hundreds of buyers and might be exactly what you've been looking for.

Memory foam topper

This luxurious divan bed incorporates a memory foam topper. Essentially, the memory foam represents a top-notch temperature responsive type of foam that contours according to your weight and body shape. One of the best features of the Luxury Buckingham Divan Base is that it promotes circulation through the memory foam while reducing pressure points causing sleep discomfort. Encased pocket springs are each in their pocket that flexes and bends to the body contours. The result is the highest level of comfort as you rest.

Storage included

Apart from being a very comfortable and unique bed with a very cosy mattress it comes with some extra storage space. It helps a lot to have one or two extra drawers and the Luxury Buckingham Divan Base quality bed has this covered. It includes two drawer bases in dark chenille fabric.

Specs and features

  • Has about 2000 pocket springs nested
  • ÿMemory foam topper type of mattress
  • Two drawers in black chenille type of fabric and a divan base unit 14 inches high
  • Easy to find the size that you need
  • Headboard is of black faux leather and 32 inches high
  • Easy delivery where you're

Reviews and ratings from verified buyers

Luxury Buckingham Divan Base is a comfortable bed with foam that's wholly temperature responsive and contours to your kind of weight and body shape. It can help align your posture and perfect blood circulation while reducing pressure points that destroys sleep. There are over 27 reviews of real purchasers of this divan bed who have awarded it 4.5 stars out of a possible five on average. Most of the Amazon reviews are positive but there're a couple of points on its height. There's a general agreement that the quality bed is a little bit high, with one user claiming that it's …very high off the surface, although that's not an issue. However, others had no problem with the height with some actually happy about it. The general agreement across the tens of reviews is that Luxury Buckingham Divan Base Bed is Very comfortable!, Excellent for the price, Absolutely fantastic, Real great build and excellent value.


Essentially, Luxury Buckingham Divan Base bed is very comfortable and a high quality item. Exactly what you need if you've been having posture problems. With two extra drawers and designer headboard in black chenille it's not hard to see why lots of verifiable buyers recommend it. Furniture UK recommended product! Save