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Lanner Oak Console Table

Lanner Oak Console Table

We live in a small apartment, and finding furniture that would match our requirements was always a time consuming process. It’s either ordering a custom made piece which can be rather expensive, or buying cheap IKEA furniture that is not really what we prefer, but have to deal with at least for a while until we find something better.

The Lanner oak console table is different though. It comes for the price of buying an IKEA piece, and matches the quality of custom made items usually bought from more expensive furniture stores around the country.

Space efficient and stylish

The Lanner oak console table is very tall when compared to its width, yet it doesn’t look quite different from a normal console table. A lot of attention to detail has been paid, and the design is stylish and sophisticated. A nice blend of rustic, minimalistic and contemporary, which radiates warmth with the natural color gradient of oak wood used.

The drawers feature nice looking and stylish handles, and are fully functional despite the size.

Sturdy, heavy and durable

For the price, you’d expect something different entirely. It is super affordable, yet surprisingly sturdy and heavy. Regardless of the width, it is nicely balanced and looks robust.

The fine lacquer finish is responsible for a silk-like smooth surface, which is going to preserve the console table, as well as allow for the natural gradient of the wood to show, radiating with warmth.

It is thus easy to clean and maintain, requiring nothing more than a single piece of wet cloth.

Features and specs:

  • Solid oak and parts of real oak veneer
  • Dovetail joints for the drawers
  • Hand waxed
  • Warm honey oak finish
  • Delivered almost fully assembled
  • Easy to put together
  • Dimension: H: 75 cm W: 85 cm D: 32 cm

Customer reviews and scores

People comment on the chunky legs, sturdiness of the table as well as the fact that it is way heavier than it looks. You’ll read more than 30 positive reviews on Amazon, which is actually higher than 90% super positive rating. People also complement the price, and the overall quality and sophisticated look of this affordable yet durable product.


We’ve always looked for a space-efficient console table for our hallway, and one that is durable, affordable and looks relatively stylish. This lanner oak console table fits all of our needs and delivers way more than you’d expect from the price paid.

Definitely one of the best bargains I’ve made while ordering online. Don’t hesitate to buy.

Author: Ruth D.