Lanner Oak Coffee Table

Lanner Oak Coffee Table

This Lanner oak coffee table is definitely the best deal you can find on Amazon. Looks quite sophisticated, and you can tell that the craftsmanship is top of the line. Handmade and hand waxed, it’s definitely worth your money. The design is what I love the most though, since it can very well compete with premium furniture items while staying super affordable.

Quality craftsmanship

The wood used for this Lanner oak coffee table is premium quality. It includes oak and quality oak veneers, as well as pine which is used for the base. My wife enjoys light color furniture, so this one fits perfectly well. Its color gradient is light oak, which is thanks to the premium lacquer wax applied on top. It protects the surface of the wood, making it super durable, while at the same time preserving the natural color of the oak timber.

Super convenient and super affordable

This coffee table is a real bargain. For the price, which is less than 150 pounds, you get beautiful design, vintage looking drawer handles, as well as premium quality material and lots of storage. It is sturdy and heavy and will last you decades. The protective waxing will make sure of that. I used to apply was myself, for our previous two tables, and this is way out of my league.

The drawers offer lots of storage space, though they look small and stylish on the outside, which is a huge plus.

Features and specs:

  • Quality oak and oak veneer
  • Pine used for the base of the drawers
  • Light honey color gradient
  • Fine lacquer wax applied by hand
  • Extra storage
  • Sophisticated design
  • Super affordable
  • Delivered almost fully assembled
  • Dimensions: 90 x 55 x47

Customer reviews and scores

Customers say that it is very easy to put together, almost like it arrived fully assembled. They love how sturdy it is, and complement the size which is neither too big, nor too small, which is what I was looking for as well.

The coffee table is beautiful and made with attention to detail. Almost like it’s been custom designed.


To keep this short, you’d really want to take advantage of this opportunity. It meets a lot of criteria, such as design, durability, quality, price and convenience. My wife loves the table, and it decorates our living room more than any other furniture item that we own.

Author: Trevor Y.

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