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Lakeland Electric Heated Compact Towel Warmer

Lakeland Electric Heated Compact Towel Warmer Review

One of the best additions to a bathroom or laundry room is an airer and warmer. It comes in handy during those cold mornings when you need a warm towel or pajama after a bath or shower. When you dont want to peg your garments outside to dry the electric towel airer is highly important. Such is the Lakeland Electric Heated Compact Towel Warmer.

Economical, convenient and versatile

The Lakeland Electric Heated Compact Towel Warmer cost a few pennies to work and offer a great way to warm a pyjamas and towels. Its economical at three pence per hour to run and better than radiator heat muffling. Versatile in many ways, you can actually position it around the home in a utility room, kitchen or landing. Easily stored conveniently, its robust lightweight aluminium provides a drying space of 2.5 metres and can hold six kilograms of wet garments.

Specs and features

  • Runs at only three pence per hour
  • Drying space of 2.5 metres for six kilograms of wet garments
  • Warms up pyjamas and towels any time
  • Perfect towel rack when not drying clothes
  • Easy to store conveniently and perfectly positioned anywhere around the home

Scores and ratings from verified buyers

The Lakeland Electric Heated Compact Towel Warmer is a convenient, functional and economical airer and dryer that come in handy in many occasions. It has been reviewed 40 times in Amazon with a 4.3 rating out of five stars. A splotch on the reviews is from a customer who claims she can touch it and not too hot to burn her, but observes that it effectively warms up their utility room. Verified reviewers term it as an inexpensive solution, does what its required to do, take around twenty minutes to heat up and highly recommended.


The Lakeland Dry-Soon Electric Heated Compact Towel Warmer and Airer is highly recommended and a good choice to have at home when you need the room hot, some garments dry and a rack for your towels thereafter.