Kuba Solid Oak Dining Table with 6/8 Montana Dining Chair Set

Kuba Solid Oak Dining Table Set Review One of the best ways of transforming a dining area is using top quality handcrafted furniture set. The Kuba Solid Oak Dining Table set is a unique choice of dining set you might want to think about if you want to bring out the best of any dining area. Solid oak and lacquered finish One of the features of the Kuba Solid Oak Dining Table is that it features a lacquered finish for protection all year round. No oil is required for application on the oak furniture; the wood is sealed by lacquer ensuring it doesn?t dry out. On every part of the table 100 percent solid oak has been used and doesn?t have parts made with veneer. The table is crafted by skilled individuals and built to last as long as possible and seats up about eight people comfortably. The Kuba Solid Oak Dining Table chairs are Montana leather made and highly irresistible. They are oak made and leather bonded chairs with the ability to add that intonation of elegance your dining room deserves. They are designed superbly with an arched skirt, scrolled top and high back and also feature sprung deluxe padding seats. Specifications and features

  • Table has different chair selections to choose from
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty from the time it?s bought
  • Minimum assembly required
  • Expert craftsmen made to last longer
  • Solid oak made with no MDF or veneers anywhere

  Ratings and scores from verified purchasers The Kuba Solid Oak Dining Table with 4-6 chairs has been rated 17 times in Amazon and holds a 4.9 rating out of five stars. One customer had to return the table due to a little manufacturing fault but was expeditiously sorted out. The rest of the verified customers describe the set as a ?superb table and chairs, solid, excellent quality, prompt delivered, comfortable chairs, solid, heavy and easy to assemble?. Conclusion Furniture UK highly recommends the Kuba Solid Oak Dining Table set considering the satisfaction of verified buyers.

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