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Kuba Chunky Solid Oak Dining Room Table

Kuba Chunky Solid Oak Dining Room Table

The Kuba Chunky Solid Oak table is a piece of furniture that commands attention. It’s manufactured out of solid Oak, and doesn’t contain veneer or MDF. It’s a minimalistic looking table, which highlights the natural Oak look, and gives an impression of a very sturdy and particularly heavy table.

Expert craftsmanship

My wife wanted a natural looking Oak table for the dining room, and we went searching in two expensive furniture shops hoping to find something that justifies the price. But after a friend of mine passed me the link to the Amazon placement of the Kuba table, we immediately ordered. Given how there were only 4 reviews at the time, you can say that we were a bit reluctant, but it all turned more than well. The clean cut lines indicate expert craftsmanship, and the heaviness and minimalistic design add to the expensive look.

Looks natural

Given how this is quality natural oak we are talking about here, this shouldn’t surprise. Whereas other tables use veneer, this one is completely solid oak. Additionally, the natural light lacquer finish preserves the expensive look.

Features and specs:

  • Natural solid Oak
  • No veneer or MDF used
  • Heavy and sturdy
  • Clean cut lines
  • Light lacquer finish to preserve natural look
  • Dimensions: length- 125, width- 80, height- 77
  • 12 months warranty

Customer reviews and scores:

Not many reviews available online, but all of the existing ones are positive. People generally love the design and natural look, and mention how it comfortably sits six people. It is easy to assemble, and quite affordable given the quality of craftsmanship. The design preserves the expensive look, unlike with some other tables for the same category.


The Kuba chunky solid oak table is a quality, great looking furniture that will last you a lifetime. It feels sturdy, well balanced and heavy, and looks great with its clean-cut lines and light lacquer finish. Given the price, this quality table is a real bargain, and considering the 12 months warranty (which you can hardly find within this price range) it is definitely a must buy. My wife loves it, and we like the warmth it gives to the dining room whenever we entertain guests.

Author: Jonathan